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That's right Horror Hounds, I recently had a chance to ask the man himself, Mr. Tony Todd, about the status of some of our favorite fear franchises. I also had the honor of being invited to sit in on Fangoria's exclusive Q&A with the legendary character actor.

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First off, let me confirm something: Tony Todd is absolutely one of the most all-around artistic, thoughtful, and talented individuals I have ever met. There were many times during the hour where his knowledge of film and his general insight into life itself honestly astounded me. He's one of a kind and criminally underrated as an actor. A true professional, and an absolute gift to horror fans everywhere.

We were about 20 minutes in when Tony shared some awesome news with us all. Mr. Todd CONFIRMED: The latest installment of Final Destination will begin pre-production in Vancouver by the end of this Summer. Tony will be reprising his role once again as death's right-hand man, the chilling William Bludworth.

Tony elaborated that this entry in the now-classic horror series will be exactly what fans have been waiting for: "I know personally I can't wait to get started. This is one going to be smart, fresh, and definitely a big hit with the fans."

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