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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2.

Jon Snow is dead. No, really he's dead. No, seriously. He's not coming back. That's it.

Except that was all a lie, wasn't it? HBO screwed us. And yet we all knew. So when Jon Snow finally opened his eyes at the close of an epic, brutal Game of Thrones episode in which two men, a woman and a baby were murdered in cold blood, it wasn't the biggest shock of the hour.

In some ways, there was no way to do this that would surprise the audience. We knew he was coming back. We knew it would be soon. And we knew it would be at the hand of Melisandre.

Within these confines, the show did manage to subvert expectations, at least a little. Melisandre, whose crisis of confidence had her tearfully questioning her faith in front of a sympathetic Ser Davos*, doesn't know her spell was a success; Jon's body was still cold when she and the others left the room.

*By the way, isn't Ser Davos basically just the nicest man alive? This woman had him branded a traitor and thrown in a cell, and still he takes the time to coax her out of her self-pitying abyss. Ser Davos has to win Westeros when it's all over.

Who's The Daddy?

Even if you were in the camp who thought Jon Snow really might be dead, the opening scene of Episode 2 quickly established that we'd soon be diving headfirst into the most popular Game of Thrones fan theory: R+L=J.

As you can see, the internet went a little crazy.

After six seasons, Bran finally did something important. Through the eyes of the Three-Eyed Raven, we were transported back to Winterfell during Ned Stark's childhood — and the oft-mentioned, never-seen Lyanna Stark, love of Robert Baratheon's life, was there, full of spirit, teasing her little brother.

Benjen, Ned, Lyanna and Rodrick Cassel (now all dead).
Benjen, Ned, Lyanna and Rodrick Cassel (now all dead).

There's only one reason the writers would show us this, and that's that we'll be visiting the Tower of Joy, where an adult Lyanna gave birth to the baby almost certainly fathered by Rhaegar Targaryen. Long story short, we're about to find out Daenerys is not the last living descendent of the Targaryen bloodline.

'I'm A Friend Of Your Mother's!'

This and another of the episode's big developments also feed nicely into the Three Heads of the Dragon theory. On the face of it, Tyrion bonding with the two chained dragons of Meereen seemed like comic relief.

But it also gives major credit to the idea that both Tyrion and Jon Snow will ride alongside Daenerys as the three heads when the time comes for the Mother of Dragons to retake Westeros. But back to Castle Black.

A Ghostly Enigma

Although it was Melisandre who revived Jon Snow, it seems highly likely that his consciousness lived on in Ghost during the time he was dead. In the books, Jon has dreams in which his mind commands Ghost's body. Co-writer David Benioff's only comment is that "Ghost has a kind of sixth sense when it comes to Jon."

Check out the trailer for next week's episode, which only briefly alludes to Jon's resurrection ("They think you're some kind of God") and focuses instead on Daenerys's capture in Vaes Dothrak and Arya's ordeal at the hand of the Many-Faced God.

Poor Arya. The Many-Faced God is a cruel mistress. Game of Thrones continues Sunday, May 8 on HBO. Before then, tell me —

Is Jon Snow's Targaryen bloodline about to be revealed?


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