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Can you believe it was already 13 years ago that Jack Black danced on screen as the ersatz substitute teacher Dewey Finn that reminded the world how to rock? No one was more inspired than Broadway legend Andrew Lloyd Weber (Phantom of the Opera) who adapted the movie into a hit broadway musical with the same lovable characters and an even bigger score.

The show opened in November, and Black had been hesitant to see it. He told the Associated Press:

"You know, before coming, I wasn't sure. I'm so protective of the movie -- it's kind of the best thing I've done in my life -- but I was thrilled to see that they had taken it to a whole new level. Not only was it an homage but it's an incredible theatrical experience on its own."

After seeing the show for the first time on Sunday with his son, he ran back stage to tell the cast and crew how much they blow people's minds.

The kids weren't the only ones congratulated. Here he is hugging an ecstatic Alex Brightman, who plays the stage version of Dewey Finn (a.k.a. Mr. Schneebly):

Brightman gushed about Black's visit:

"There are tips of the cap to him in the show. And I've just been waiting and waiting to show him these tips of the cap -- and I'm thrilled that it worked. He said he had 'man-tears' and that made me thrilled."

And what did the Founding Father of School of Rock have to say about it? The 46-year-old actor sang the praises of the whole cast:

"It was so good. There were so many times I went, 'I could not have done it that well. You made me laugh. You made he cry. You made me rock."

But Black isn't the only A-lister enchanted with these rockin' kids:

Paul Rudd thought the show was totally rad...

... and Stevie Nicks wowed the crowd singing "Rihannon" with the SOR band!

Do you want to see School of Rock on Broadway?

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