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After the maiming [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) received from critics, along with its disappointing box office haul, there have been rumors of major discontent within Warner Bros. over the direction of the DC Universe. Now this alleged crisis has bubbled to the surface with Seth Grahame-Smith walking out on [The Flash (Movie)](tag:15273) over creative differences.

Your guess is as good as mine about what these "creative differences" consist of, but the Ezra Miller fronted movie will have to find a new person to translate the already wildly popular speedster superhero for the silver screen.

The writer and producer, who has previously created the screenplays for films such as Dark Shadows and Pride and Prejudice With Zombies, was announced to be both the writer and director of the cinematic take on Barry Allen back in October before deciding to leave the production. He is still working with WB as part of the writing team behind The LEGO Movie 2 and Beetlejuice 2.

At the time of Grahame-Smith's departure there were also rumors that James Wan was also leaving Aquaman, but the director seems to have cryptically addressed the rumors with a Twitter post that shows him standing next to a giant mural of the ocean-based DC superhero.

Grahame-Smith has not yet made any public comments about leaving The Flash movie behind and choosing to walk away from what would have been his directorial debut.

Who would you like to direct The Flash now Grahame-Smith is out of the picture?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter and The Independent)


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