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Kendall Jenner might have been privileged with the honor of being invited to the White House for Obama's Correspondent's Dinner, but she also felt the cold burn of some serious presidential shade when Obama revealed he didn't have a clue who she was. Ouch.

Obama joking about Kendall
Obama joking about Kendall

In a humorous moment where Obama addressed his audience, he revealed that he was a bit behind trend with the Kardashian/Jenner clan when he said:

"Kendall Jenner is also here. And we had a chance to meet backstage. She seems like a very nice young woman. I'm not exactly sure what she does. But I am told that my Twitter mentions are about to go through the roof."

Naturally, Kendall took the slight with her trademark good humor and laughed along with rest of them in the audience.

Although Obama didn't really know who Kendall was, he was definitely familiar with her big sis Kim, she told People that the president said:

"He was like, 'Say hi to Kim and Kanye,'. I was like 'Okay.'"

Although she was slightly slighted by the president, Kendall revealed that meeting him was the only time her celeb-studded life that she has ever felt remotely starstruck. When she was asked if she normally seizes up in front of big stars, Kendall answered:

"Never. That was like my first time, ever."

One things for sure, Obama will definitely remember Kendall after meeting her in this stunning dress because she is SLAYING the red carpet.

Kendall on the red carpet
Kendall on the red carpet

Are you surprised the president doesn't know who Kendall Jenner is?

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