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In a tweet on Thursday, the CEO of Netflix, Inc.(NASDAQ:NFLX) praises Comcast for raising the monthly data limit to a terabyte.

Yesterday, Comcast Corporation made an announcement to raise the limits of its monthly data allocation for the internet users who streaming videos on the platforms such as YouTube and Netflix Inc. According to the announcement, the monthly data is now capped at a terabyte or 1,000 gigabytes per month and in case of exceeding this amount, a customer will be charged $10 for another 50 gigabytes (capped at $200). The raised amount was decided for several trial markets and the decision has already started to get some praises from an unexpected source.

The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, also tweeted about it when the announcement was made. He said, “Huge for me as a Comcast customer. Now I'll never be able to watch enough to hit my cap.”

Reed Hastings praised the decision to raise the monthly fees after a few hours of the announcement made by Comcast. The company will begin testing all the markets from the month of June. Once the plan is implemented from June 1, customers that are present in the trial market will be given an option to either buy additional data for $10 of 50 GB in case the limit is exceeded or pay an additional amount of $50 per month to move to a new unlimited data plan.

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The plaudit coming from the CEO was unexpected as the US streaming business does not appreciate and has been very critical about the usage of broadband policies over the year, mainly because such policies are a threat to the streaming business.

A terabyte of data is more than enough for a month. The executive vice president for consumer services at Comcast Cable, Marcien Jenckes, said in a statement, “A terabyte is an enormous amount of data. It’s far more than most of our customers will ever use in a month.”

Apparently, one Twitter user replied on the tweet made by Reed Hastings. His tweet was to praise the increase monthly limit that can allow a customer to streaming 700 hours of video in high definition. But there was one customer who was concerned about the 4K technology coming too soon in the streaming industry. A terabyte of data is enough but when the trend of 4K video is common, it will not be enough.

According to a Twitter user, handle name @cephyn, Kevin replied to the CEO’s tweet, “@reedhastings @OnTheJumbotron until everything is 4K. Then we're back to the same problem.”

Netflix is currently working on to bring the ultra-high definition and 4K content on its platform.


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