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If you're desperately waiting for Jurassic World 2 you're not the only one, but we'll probably have to wait a long time yet before we hear any plot-related news. The film is due for a 2018 release, and having just switched directors, fans were anticipating some more details about the sequel.

This was thanks to a teaser poster released by the official Twitter account, which seemed to suggest a new title for Jurassic World 2, swapping out the 'World' for something beginning with 'O.' The Twitter quickly cleared up the matter, reposting the image and confirming that this was actually an announcement for a new website.

The tagline 'something is coming' implies that this site will be more than just a normal official website. Considering the success of viral movie marketing, it's possible that the website could be something along the lines of Lexcorp's official website (to hype Batman v Superman), or the Katniss-hijacked Capitol government site (The Hunger Games).

Continuing this trend, it could be that the 'Jurassic O' website will be a faux-official site. The Jurassic marketing team already created a website for Masrani Global and Ingen before the first Jurassic World was released. But as the CEO, Simon Masrani, was killed in the film, it's likely the fictional company will need to do some rebranding.

Simon Masrani in 'Jurassic World'.
Simon Masrani in 'Jurassic World'.

The new website could be an updated version of the Masrani site, giving fans some in-character hints about what to expect from Jurassic World 2. Hints about a new deal with the military and dinosaur soldiers, perhaps?

But there are plenty of other possibilities for the website. It could be more interactive, encouraging users to take part in a game, similar to the popular Star Trek Online. This would keep fans engaged with the story, filling in the gap between films.

Tensions rise in 'Jurassic World'.
Tensions rise in 'Jurassic World'.

Alternatively, the website could be more ambitious, featuring webisodes set in the Jurassic World universe, along the lines of Fear The Walking Dead. While this would be exciting, it's slightly more unlikely, but it would open the Jurassic franchise up to plenty of possibilities, like spin-off TV shows and standalone films if it became successful.

The possibilities really are endless for this website, and although the poster is all we have for now, we can rest assured that at least there's a shorter wait to find out what the site is than the wait for Jurassic World 2!

Online game, webisodes, or something else: What do you think the new website is?


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