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What's a 'Buddy Battle' you ask? It's a battle between two buddies, of course! It could be heartbreaking to watch your favorite hero duke it out with their best friend. Wether it's caused by brainwashing, or indifference; either way, it sure is a sight to see. The emotional weight that comes with fights like these makes it something we don't want to, but at the same time, can't help but watch.

Over the years, we've seen our superpowered buddies battle in comics, graphic novels, and even animated series. But now thanks to technology, studios have been able to bring these battles to live action on the big and small screens. So let's take a look at some of the best live action, superpowered buddy battles!

5. The Flash V Arrow (The Flash)

In the eighth episode of the first season of The Flash, Barry becomes affected by a metahuman's abilities to cause people to lose control of their emotions. Luckily, Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow were already in Central City on the case. Even though this was early into Flash's first season, the two heroes had already built up a trustworthy relationship. One strong enough to allow this encounter to be called a superpowered buddy battle! Red and green. Speed versus experience. The scarlet speedster, versus the emerald archer. Watch the Arrow take a stab at calming down the fastest (and the most angered) man alive, in the gladiator match below!

4. Peter V Harry (Spider-Man 3)

In the last installment of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, we see Peter and his former best friend duke it out (unsurprisingly) more than once in the movie. You know the deal. Spidey backflipped over Goblin's glider in the first movie, leaving Osborn to be impaled by his own device. Harry blames Spider-Man for his fathers death, and has wanted revenge since the second movie. In both of these battles, Peter looks like he wants to put Harry in a coma! Watch tempers flare in both of the fights below!

3. Batman V Superman (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

To be fair, these two only became buddies after their epic battle. But I couldn't leave them off of the list! I mean come on, it was the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world! Not only did the Bat use citizen casualties as motivation to fight Superman, but he had another reason. Thanks to the Flash reaching out to him from the future, Batman sees an apocalyptic world where a murderous Superman runs the show. That definitely served as motivation for our Dark Knight to stop the boy in blue. (Unfortunately the entire fight scene isn't available on the interweb so we'll have to settle for a super cut of some of the fight sequences from trailers and sneak peeks...) Enjoy..?

2. Captain America V The Winter Soldier (Captain America: Winter Soldier)

Oh gosh, where do I start. These two were best pals for over 70 years. That's right, I'm counting the years when they were both frozen! Poor Bucky was found nearly dead, and experimented on by the dirty hands of Hydra. They wiped him clean of memory and emotion, turning him into their winter soldier. But luckily for Cap, you can't wipe away true friendship!

These buddies battled it out twice in one of the most action packed Marvel movies to date. Watch these two fight it out in these scenes packed with punches, kicks, and plenty of emotions!

1. Captain America & Bucky V Iron Man (Captain America: Civil War)

I know most of us (including myself) have yet to see this movie that we've all been waiting for. But come on! I had to put this on the list! I thought about putting every buddy battle in Civil War on here, but we know the one that matters is the one in the image up above. Captain America and his best friend Bucky, taking on Steve's friend turned foe; Iron Man. A beautiful friendship gone south, over different world views. Gosh, my feels! Rip my heart out, why don't you!

Since this fight scene is unavailable for obvious reasons, check out the first trailer below, where we see the heartbreaking buddy battle take place.

That's it for buddy battles! I hope I was able to entertain, as well as emotionally drain you. Thanks for sticking with me till the end of the line.

What do you think?

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