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I had the great honor of attending FANGORIA's Texas Frightmare this past weekend. Of all the amazing breaking news that came out of the event one small tidbit really turned my head. The producers of 1408 and Bone Tomahawk are currently working on a new version of the classic horror franchise Puppet Master.

Fangoria confirms: Announced officially at Texas Frightmare Weekend during FANGORIA’s conversation with Caliber Media’s Dallas Sonnier, the iconic Full Moon franchise is getting the reboot treatment! Di Bonaventura Pictures and Caliber Media are officially partnering up to develop a brand new take on Charles Band’s cult classic horror film franchise Puppet Master, with Band himself serving as Executive Producer on the film!

With the intention to produce multiple storylines within this new universe, the producers have set Bone Tomahawk writer/director S. Craig Zahler to write the first film, entitled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, and expand the mythology. While no director has been set at the time of announcement, a search for the appropriate horror helmer is quietly underway.

The storyline for The Littlest Reich follows:

A recently divorced young man discovers a mint condition Blade doll in his deceased brother’s closet and plans to sell the toy at a convention in Oregon celebrating the 30th anniversary of the infamous Toulon Murders. All hell breaks loose at the Postville Lodge during the auction when a strange force animates all of the various puppets throughout the convention as they go on a bloody killing spree.

Zahler’s completely new take on Puppet Master maintains all of the brutally inventive puppet kills infused with the comedic tendencies that made the original franchise so popular with fans, while expanding upon Toulon’s backstory and developing richer dialogue, characters, and narratives. The film will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian for Di Bonaventura Pictures alongside Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller for Caliber Media.

“As a child of the ’80s and ’90s, I spent a vast majority of my allowance on Charles Band-produced films,” said Dallas Sonnier, “'PUPPET MASTER' was hands down my favorite, and I had the movie poster on my wall and a giant standee in my bedroom. The chance to work with Lorenzo, Zahler, and Band all at once on this new take is simply a dream come true.”

Di Bonaventura Pictures can next be seen in Deepwater Horizon, a dramatic thriller set around the disastrous 2010 oil spill that made U.S. history. Meanwhile, Zahler and Sonnier recently made headlines with their upcoming prison action-thriller Brawl In Cell Block 99, with Vince Vaughn attached to star. You can check out the exclusive Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich poster below.

That's all for now Horror Hounds, make sure to Follow Me Here for more great horror articles and late breaking news from Texas Frightmare. I can't wait to see how this new version turns out. Let us know your thoughts below.


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