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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you're missing The Walking Dead, you could definitely have a crack at reading Crossed. This advice comes with a caveat, however: Crossed is a fiendishly violent and difficult read. Where the infected in The Walking Dead only want to wander the Earth and eat your guts — not terribly pleasant, admittedly, but wholly without malice — the Crossed are something else entirely.

Yes, they too want to slurp up your innards, but they do it with a conscious, purposeful malevolence: They kill, maim, rape, mutilate, cannibalize and massacre their way across the apocalyptic terrain with gleeful purpose, acting out all of the most evil thoughts a human being could possibly imagine — and they like it.

I would love to see a TV show of Crossed, but whether this is possible within the confines of what is acceptable television content remains to be seen; for all its guts and gore, The Walking Dead steers 99% clear of swear words, and sexual content is generally kept suggestive, off-screen, threatened but not fulfilled.

Check out just a few reasons (read: deranged comic book panels) that Crossed will always be too extreme for TV.

Untold Carnage

Naked, delighted, wild, unlimited carnage, to be more precise.

Face / Off

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

A Literal (and Figurative) Bloodbath

Not since Bathory took her bath in Hostel 2 has there been such an abundance of blood in one place.

Off With Her Head!

A head-on-a-stick that Mick Taylor would be proud of.

This Guy.

This charming individual has procured a horse penis from some poor unfortunate animal and goes around hitting people with it, shouting "HORSECOCK!"

Whatever the Holy Hell is Going on Here

Mad Max meets The Human Centipede.

Very, Very Sweary Children (and Infanticide)

If you're viewing this on a mobile device, you may not be able to read the speech bubble. The kid says: "Mommy, you fucking cunt" before she blows his infected, addled brains out.

Child Molestation

He killed her and raped my kids, turning them into monsters. He was my son's teacher, and then he does that.

Once the Crossed virus takes hold, no semblance of humanity is left. Although it's horrible to see, it's interesting to really think about the consequences of humans doing the very worst they can do.

In Fact, A Whole Load of Feral Rapey Stuff

Sexual violence is often the hardest to view in TV and movies, and is also one of the hardest things to get past censors. However, just like so many real life atrocities, it is often an inextricable part of the vilest end of human depravity.

Despite its challenging and intense content — or perhaps because of it — Crossed is an engaging read for those comic book fans with a taste for the macabre. Created by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows, Crossed is available to read through Avatar Press.


Would you read 'Crossed' (or have you already)?

Source: Avatar Press


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