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There are two types of moviegoers in this world: those who arrive well early, popcorn in hand, to enjoy the trailers, and those who sneak into the room after the lights were dimmed mere seconds before the movie starts. As a true representer of the former category, I feel it's safe to say that if the trailers were good enough, they might even compensate for however bad the movie was that day. I guess I'm just the perfect target of movie marketing, aren't I?

But even if you've never managed to make it on time to a movie screening, there are chances you'll still agree that some trailers are just so good, we can enjoy them like mini movies — sometimes they even replace the movie in our hearts altogether.

Ahead are nine movie trailers of the past few years that are not only splendid in terms of music and editing, but will first and foremost give you the perfect amount of hair-raising chills.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014

This is probably the Marvel movie with the best soundtrack, and "Hooked On A Feeling" is really giving this trailer its dynamic. Plus, it's perfectly efficient at introducing the Guardians, who were lesser known characters of the Marvel Universe until the movie came out. If this trailer doesn't give you "I want to be the cool guy who puts on sunglasses and walks away from an explosion" vibes, then I don't know what will.

2. Steve Jobs, 2015

It's quite sad Steve Jobs fared so badly at the box office, considering the top notch performances by Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet, and the fact that it was marketed with such a wonderful trailer. It's building tension in a way that seems to give a faithful impression of the intensity of Steve Jobs' genius personality.

3. Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, 2015

Who doesn't remember watching this trailer for the first time? A circular droid! X-Wings! Hearing the Star Wars theme again and knowing this is a whole new movie! Granted, all of the Force Awakens teasers and trailers were thrilling, but this one really brought the hype.

4. Inherent Vice, 2014

While some might find this trailer too long, it's doing a great job at conveying the complex web of odd characters and the visual style so dear to Paul Thomas Anderson. The editing also makes the quotes and the shots perfectly match. You just want to know what Doc has gotten himself into, don't you?

5. Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015

This is the kind of trailer that has people worrying that the movie won't be as good, because it sets the bar higher than a cloud in the sky. (Thankfully, Mad Max gave us all it had promised and then some.)

6. The Neon Demon, 2016

This trailer is drop-dead gorgeous, in a way that has made me curious for the movie but that would still leave me quite happy if I could just print each of these frames in super high quality on silky sheets of luxurious paper.

7. Hail, Caesar!, 2016

The latest opus Coen brothers is my ultimate example of a trailer that was better than the movie: the plethora of the audience's favorite A-listers, the compelling shots, the bouncy rhythm of the whole affair. The movie, meanwhile, felt like it was taking all those exciting elements from the trailer without ever really managing to tie them all together.

8. Deadpool, 2016

Apart from the fact that the music is obviously all kinds of awesome, the first red band trailer is well-executed in that it starts with the typical structure of a dramatic superhero origins story, before breaking the mold and showing us what Deadpool is really all about.

9. Suicide Squad, 2016

The "Blitz" trailer for Suicide Squad is also quite good, but nothing makes a trailer like a proper use of Queen's "Bohemian Rapsody." And this sound of a can opening, taking us by surprise by interrupting the melody at its climax, just makes us catch our breath at the exact right moment.

Be careful with trailers: you tell yourself it's just a two minute video, and three hours later you've seen more footage than it takes to make an entire movie.

Which trailer got you the most excited for a movie?


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