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He's back!!!

After almost a year of speculation, debate and many tears shed, we finally have the answer to the cliffhanger question of last season's final episode: Is Jon Snow coming back? The answer was a resounding 'HELL YES'! In a twist that everyone saw coming (or at least hoping for) we finally get to see our favorite bastard of the North back in the land of the living and breathing. Finally, everyone involved with the production can stop lying about the formerly deceased Lord Commander, including the man himself, Kit Harington.

In the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, Harington talks about the final moments of lasts night 'Home' and about the massive coverup he had to pull in tandem with the show's producers. The full article has yet to be released but the cover gives us some massive hints into the “two year plan to kill Jon Snow—and bring him back to life.” ”

In a 30 second teaser we learn about Harington being sorry for having to lie to people for the past 10 months but that he was happy so many people cared about his characters fate.

All of this comes just in time too as last night we also found out that Sansa and company were making their way to the wall to escape the Bolton hoard that is surely coming after them. I sense a big battle just on the horizon.

For fans of both the books and the show know that we have now reached territory that has not yet been explored in print. Everything that happens from this point forward will be new to everybody, including the cast. What further surprises does season 6 have in store for us?


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