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I recently got a chance to catch James Remar at Texas Frightmare. James is one of the most straightforward actors around and has absolutely no problem answering any question directly and often hilariously. James spoke about his love of the film The Warriors and how he felt a remake was possible, but only if handled with the utmost respect for the film's original feel. He didn't seem too enthusiastic about the possibility but he didn't discount it either.

"'Requiem For a Heavyweight' won an Emmy, and if you watch it today, Jack Palance is still just amazing in that role. Then a few years later they adapted it to film with Anthony Quinn and the movie was excellent as well. So yes, if you handle the source material correctly it can definitely work. I mean, look at how many times Shakespeare has been done, but still you don't hear the source material disrespected. You can't just come out and say To Be Or Not To F--king Be though. I think they haven't remade it yet because they know they're gonna f--ck it up." (major applause and laughter.)
'Requiem For A Heavyweight' 1956 starring Jack Palance
'Requiem For A Heavyweight' 1956 starring Jack Palance

It didn't take long to get the Dexter questions rolling. James talked about how people felt initially shocked by our favorite forensic killer. He then pointed out there's always been literary precedent for the character, before commenting on the special relationship that he and Michael C. Hall developed during the series.

"There's definitely literary precedent for Dexter. If you remember, Hamlet was haunted by the ghost of his father and even told to commit murder."
"Michael lost his father at 11 and even though it wasn't spoken, there was always a bond between us that somewhat mirrored the relationship between Harry and Dex in that sense."
James Remar and Michael C. Hall
James Remar and Michael C. Hall

Remar was open and honest with every subject he discussed. When the big question of how James felt about the Dexter finale hit, he had plenty to say and didn't flinch when describing his disappointment in the final product.

"They f--cked it up, I'll say it first. (cheering & applause.) The bean counters wanted a quick exit and they know they f--cked up. Trust me, they hang their heads in shame for it."
"I actually didn't have a problem with Dexter's storyline, moving away and creating a new identity were all part of Harry's code. The way they handled Deb's death though, that was horrendous. Just some of the most unoriginal soap opera writing that I've ever seen. I mean, she makes it then we're told she didn't, come on."

James was a laugh riot and such a great guy. You can tell he's a major cinephile that loves and respects his profession dearly. I believe he truly enjoyed the experience just as much as those of us asking the questions did. He totally heightened the fun for everyone and was a standout guest star.

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