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Well, Alicia's incredibly dumb conversation on the radio with 'Jack' a while back on Fear the Walking Dead has officially bitten them in the ass! A launch with two guys and a preggers woman comes aside the boat and the three people board the boat, while Clueless Son and Ofelia basically do nothing to stop them (even though CS is armed). What's the point of having an armed watch if you don't stop an intruder - warning shot at the very least - HELLO?

The other geniuses wake up and (of course) help the TOTAL STRANGERS with no questions asked. Alicia wakes, comes upon the scene, and recognizes a voice and says, 'Jack?' At that point the two guys easily overpower CS and Salazar (how does a chubby, pasty kid overpower Salazar??) and take control of the Abigail. Insufferably Bitchy Mom takes the preggers woman into the bowels of the ship to help her, and when the struggle on the deck happens, preggers girl slams IBM's head into a mirror and knocks her out cold (my favorite scene from the whole show btw!).

Strand hears the commotion and does what Strand does - he flees the boat - Survival 101. He tries to get away on a launch, but bad guy Reed shoots a hole in the launch and leaves him to sink.

This leads us to the really interesting plot-line - the Strand backstory. It begins in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where Strand meets a man at a bar named Thomas Abigail (same name as the yacht -hmmmm). They are both bad men, grifters and con men. They talk about how they take advantage of tragedy to make a profit. Strand lost all his money in a speculative real estate deal in New Orleans just before Katrina hit, and is now totally bankrupt. They drink, and drink, and drink some more. Strand takes Abigail back to his hotel room and steals his credit cards just before Abigail passes out. Flash forward a few weeks, and Abigail and his henchman Luis track down Strand. Rather than being shocked or surprised, Strand almost seemed to expect it. Turns out Abigail is impressed by Strand's moxie and tells him that Strand is now 'obligated' to him. So Strand and Abigail become partners in crime, and more - lovers.

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

The whole Baja thing now becomes clear - Strand's mission is to reunite with Abigail at the family compound in Mexico. One other piece is missing however - Luis. Strand sends Druggie Nick to an address onshore to bring Luis back to the Abigail. Nick needlessly does the 'walker guts' trick to safely get to where Luis is, because it appears the showrunners always have to make Nick as filthy and disgusting as possible in every scene. Don't ask me why, because I don't get it.

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

Back on the boat now. Reed and 'Jack' (who's real name appears to be Kip) make life difficult for the geniuses, demanding the key to start the boat. Turns out the pirates aren't Mensa members either, since they sank the launch of the man who has the key - Strand. SMH. Insufferably Bitchy Mom jaws back and forth with Angry Preggers Girl, because, well, I don't know why. Hey, let's get the people holding guns to our heads REALLY angry at us!

Jack/Kip takes Alicia below deck to find the radio. Seems the pirates have a leader named Conner, and he wants to meet Alicia. One strange sidebar to this abduction is that Reed and his crew know all the names of the people on the Abigail. Now Alicia is pretty dumb, giving away their location and all, but she didn't tell Jack/Kip all the names of her boat-mates. I think that Tiger Mom and 'burned up real good' Jake might have been scooped up by the pirates after they were cut loose by Strand, and they spilled the beans in exchange for their lives.

Clueless Dad is busy trying to hot-wire the boat, since they don't have a key, with Reed watching him closely. Believe it or not, he actually gets the boat to start. Just then a boat comes up aside the Abigail - Conner has made the scene!

Conner loves the yacht (who wouldn't?), and tells his crew to take Alicia and CD back with them on their boat. The family bitches of course, but there is nothing they can do to stop it. Once Conner leaves with Alicia and CD, Reed is in charge, and he basically tells the leftovers that they are going to be toast before you know it.

Before that happens, however, the pirates see Nick and Luis speeding towards them on a launch. Luis whips out a rifle and dispatches two of the pirates lickety-split. In the ensuing chaos a fight breaks out, with IBM impaling Reed, and the geniuses ultimately retake control of the Abigail.

The ep ends with Strand struggling to stay afloat in the water, only to be rescued by IBM.

This ep was marginally better than any preceding one, but it frankly wouldn't take that much - all the previous episodes prior to this one were THAT bad. Strand's backstory actually makes him more sympathetic. And the Conner/pirate angle may liven up the story a bit.

The core problem of the series still remains the unbelievably unlikable main cast, with the exception of Salazar and Strand. Until they fix that, it's still like putting a fancy dress on a pig. It's still a pig.


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