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Captain America: Civil War is one of the most awaited - and celebrated - films of 2016. While in US the movie is scheduled for May 6th, the foreign release has already brought more than 200 million dollars to the studio so far (in only 4 days!). Marvel hasn't disappointed its fans and the reviews are just great everywhere, from Thailand to Brazil. Aside all the expectations, however, many fans and artists started to bring up countless great mashups to social media. In the past months we were all presented to great images, parodies, videos and sound artistic flavors with Marvel universe. So we decided to select 10 of our favorite mashups of 'Captain America - Civil War'. Just take a look and enjoy!

1. Civil War Retro Cartoon

This first one is a piece of art and definetely worths a look. Anyone who read the original comics drawn by Jack Kirby will be amazed: a cartoon mashup from 1960's! Kirby co-created the title character of the upcoming film in addition to many of the movie’s other characters, such as Bucky Barnes, the Black Panther, and Ant-Man. He also created DC’s Fourth World characters, including Darkseid, who was heavily foreshadowed in last month’s “Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice.” Almost all action franchises since the 1960s show signs of Kirby’s influence, including “Star Wars.” It's beautiful, it's brilliant, we wish they do it more frequently.

2. Calvin & Hobbes Civil War


'The last great newspaper comic strip' endured popularity, influence and academic research since its beginning, in 1985. It was conceived by Bill Waterson and earned dozens of awards since. A pop reference that earns here a mashed version with Civil War by apgararts on tumblR. OK, Calvin teamed up with Iron Man ... Would Bill Waterson make the same choice?

3. Civil War - Weird Trailer

We all love funny mashups, don't we? Aldo Jones is always in top of the lists when we're talking about absurd trailers. And I mean this mashup is really WEIRD! Insane references, characters bullying, visual effects... Just hilarious!

4. 8-bit Civil War


8-bit world has such a nostalgia, right? Maybe because 30 years ago the videogame consoles weren't able to process the amount of data a simple refrigerator can do nowadays. NES, Master System, Atari 7800, we love them. And this game cover published by Han Soloski on Instagram just makes us imagine how would it be this game in the third generation of consoles.

5. Ed Wood's Civil War

We love Civil War, we love Ed Wood's style and we just fall in love with any retro adaptations of Marvel. Why not to put all this together in an amazing trailer? The guys from Darth Blender channel had this incredible job of mashing more than 10 titles of movies and serials from the 1940's and 50's to make one of the most impressive versions of the official trailer. One of the best!

6. Civil War Retro Poster


Pun Magneto is the artist behind this creation: a retro-poster style with a delicious 1970's vibe. It could be released two years earlier than 'Star Wars'! The color palette, the font, the paper style... All seems just so cool and nostalgic at the same time! If we could buy it, it'd really worth it!

7. Disney's Civil War Trailer

Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear and Woody are close friends now, but if they hadn't have to work together for Andy's room in the first movie things could have been much different. And that's what we see on this genius parody trailer by BMoneyrulz. To have such a friendly universe like Disney in a controversial and social referenced reality like Civil War is at least interesting - and provoking.

8. Toy Story - Civil War Poster

Apparently the guys up there weren't the only ones to think about Toy Story as a Disney Civil War possibility...

9. Captain America - Civil War Animated Version

It had to be done, right? "The Kicker Pro" channel on YouTube made an animated version with footage from Disney newest release, and we think this is the best animated version available. The variety of animated versions of Marvel characters may be confusing sometimes, but it just enhances fan's link to it.

10. The Dark Knight Civil War


There could easily be a civil war between DC and Marvel fans, and maybe someday in a bright future we'll watch a movie with that moto. The truth is that both of them have such great characters! OK, we all love Marvel. But let's face it: 'The Dark Knight' is probably the best graphic novel ever! Butcher Billy mashed them both in a unique style, take a look!

Do you agree with our choices?

They're certainly not the definitive ones, so feel free to comment adding new interesting mashups to this list. 'Captain America - Civil War" already is one of the tops from 2016!


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