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The Hollywood Reporter first reported this, this afternoon! And now it finally appears to have circulated enough media platforms to be confirmed true! And according to Variety, attached to star is Trainwreck's scene-stealer himself, Lebron James.

In talks to direct is Fast and Furious 6 helmer, Justin Lin. Lin is also said to be penning the script for Space Jam 2 alongside Bad Words scribe, Andrew Dodge. The film will be produced by The Profit's Charlie Ebersol.

The original Space Jam - starring basketball superstar and iconic underwear spokesman Michael Jordan - was released twenty years ago and surprised everyone when it shot to number one at the box office and grossed an amazing total of 230 million worldwide. At the time, it was the highest grossing basketball film ever made.

Lebron has long been rumored to be attached to this project after his production company signed a deal with Warner Bros a few years ago. That and the fact that he's been relentlessly compared to Jordan by NBA superfans, often leading into arguments about who the better basketball player is.

After all this waiting, I hope that both Lebron James and Justin Lin see the need to make this sequel, not equal, but greater than the original animated/live action comedic masterpiece. We've been waiting two decades for this and they better not screw it up. Also, if we could get another epic cameo from Bill Murray and maybe a drop in from Michael Jordan himself, that'd be pretty cool, too.

Are you excited for Space Jam 2? What do you think about Lebron James casting? Let me know in the comments section below!


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