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On March 30, 2013 the first International TableTop Day was held. Founded by Boyan Radakovich, events were held in 64 countries. The year after the event was held in over 80 countries.

Celebrations and events were held all over the world. Most in comics and game shops such as 8th Dimension Comics and Games in Houston, TX. Table top game fans played everything from Monopoly to Catan to Uno in places from The United States to Asia.

And even though International Table Top Day 2016, has come and gone, the new enthusiasm for board , dice, card, and other games have taken family and friends game night to a whole new level.

Blane and friends at ITT Day, 8th Dimension
Blane and friends at ITT Day, 8th Dimension

To some people table top gaming isn't new, family game night with such classic as Scrabble, Battleship, and Trivial Pursuit have been a part of family home life. However, with the advent of warfare board games such as Risk, and the rise of table top role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, new titles have emerged over the years in many different forms. From Takenoko, a competitive bamboo growing game with pandas, to King Of Tokyo, where Godzilla sized monsters vie for control table top gaming isn't exactly what it used to be. From specialty dice games to card deck based games things have changed a lot. And some players that started gaming at home expanded their hobby as they got older.

In my family, I grew up playing games like Clue, Scrabble, Go For Broke and Easy Money. Later, I got seriously interested in unusual board games when I was attending sci-fi conventions in the late 70's and early 80's. There people played games like Cosmic Wimpout, Nuclear War, Ogre and Car Wars, and these were amazing new experiences.

But it was my first "encounter" with Cosmic Encounter that hooked me on "modern" board games. Here was a contest where no two games in a row played the same, and where each player got a unique alien power, a special way to break the rules. Every game you got a different alien power. And more than one person could win! There was conflict and cooperation, diplomacy and aggression, and all tactics had their rewards!

In 1983 I bought the EON Products second printing of Cosmic Encounter, and all nine expansions. And that was the beginning of a board game collection that now numbers over 250 games.-Blane Mather

Blane Mather of Houston, TX , with his 250 + games.
Blane Mather of Houston, TX , with his 250 + games.

One the biggest assets to the growth of table top gaming has been Wil Wheaton, formerly of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and his YouTube based show, TableTop.

Part of the Geek and Sundry Website, Mr. Wheaton's show, which involves various celebrities, authors, and pop culture figures unboxing, reviewing, and playing different table top games, has become quite popular. This attention to such table top games has increased sales and interest in the the group game revival. So, the next time your invited for board game night, you may not want to refuse. You may wind up having fun.


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