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Agent Carter is an amazing show. It has everything you want in a female lead without having to use sex and objectification as the main pull. Instead the show reminds us of the struggle women endure in a male dominated society and the lengths they often have to take in order to stand out and get the job done. It's it's your face feminism without being preachy. It's action packed and Hayley Atwell's aura brings back memories of classic bombshells which is why she is so perfect for the character.

Agent Carter is a bridge to the MCU with a strong foundation that along with Agents of SHIELD goes back to the first phase. It has amazing writing, an amazing cast, and for the budget amazing set design. Hayley Atwell took the role of Caps love interest, at the time considered disposable, and was like DJ droop the beat. She nailed the freestyle, dropped the mic and stepped back and said "Give me my show." AND THEY DID. You know producers didn't think fans would care about Cap's past and they would plop him in Modern times with a new love interest and move on but fans fought for her and eventually Atwell got her chance to shine. She forced Marvel to basically rewrite the entire MCU for her which is AMAZING. Ending the show is basically saying we don't want to deal with this anymore and that's fucked up. Society needs this show right now. Women are starting to gain an advantage and you finally have someone that young Marvelettes can look up to with pride. Black Widow only comes around once every two years and we love Jessica Jones but she isn't exactly a role model for 10-16yo females. Peggy Carter is.

Peggy's Got a Gun
Peggy's Got a Gun

The problem is if you don't produce now you have to move on to the next thing. It takes at least a year of development for something of this scale and Marvel demands better than perfection.

Which is why I can understand the decision from a business side to pull the plug. Not enough ratings, not enough viewers not enough ad revenue. But I would counter with that the show might be best as a streaming show and I would expect that Marvel can see beyond the billions they have already with other properties and take the loss with Agent Carter as you try and find a better way to build an audience. Season 2 was a step in the right direction but even the most hardened Carter Cadet will say that the end left much to be desired. You feel like they ran out of money and had to figure out how to make it all work with whatever was in the closet. Bravo to everyone for what they came up with but I didn't like how the show started out to be about how Peggy started SHIELD and deterred to who Peggy was gonna marry. That's where I think you kinda derailed things and fell into the cliche pit. I would point to shows like Walking Dead that had a slow second season but once they got over that hump the show has been on fire ever since.

I don't want to hear that Haley Atwell's new show will be great. I know it will be great cause Haley Atwell is gonna be on it (and speaking of Walking Dead's Emily Kinney). But I'm disturbed that from the descriptions it is basically just making Agent Carter but removing any ties to Marvel, like trying to erase the character from the universe and relegate her to Captain America jerk off scenes in Blue Ray releases. Even the character on the new show is named "Carter".

"A brilliant young attorney (Hayley Atwell), who is also the daughter of a former U.S. president, is blackmailed to head up LA's new Conviction Integrity Unit. She and her team investigate cases where people may have been wrongly convicted."

Are you kidding me? Investigate cases? Like SHIELD? Fuck that. I want to see Agent Carter build SHIELD with her bare hands and spray paint the new logo Banksy style. I want to see her build the Marvel Universe and lay down and discover shit that shows up in Agents of SHIELD and then has a play in an MCU film. IT'S ALL SUPPOSED TO BE CONNECTED. Hasn't that been Feige's mantra as he phases into a superior life form? This whole TV and movies don't mix is bullshit. You pull that shit with Fox and Sony not within your own studio departments.

I don't know how many times ABC aired an Agent Carter commercial to promote the show, I don't have cable cause I cut chord and I watch the show with Hulu the next day on a loop. I've opted to get my entertainment through streaming. Agent Carter didn't get a video promo between episodes, it got text on a gray screen. Agent Carter....yay.... Agent Carter....yay....

I can tell you that on Marvel Facebook and Twitter the show was talked about during airtime and they do a great job interacting with fans and even Atwell interacts directly with fans on her Facebook page but there wasn't an all out bombardment like they do for other male lead film. Though trivial to some a big deal in my eyes was not changing the Marvel Twitter banner that was still promoting the Ant-Man DVD that had come out in December when the show was airing in February. Think about it, Marvel's Twitter has 3.7 million followers. That's 3.7 million people that could've been reminded to "Hey catch Agent Carter every Tuesday night!" Promoting it day of in a tweet is kinda bs. I know Avenger characters need their share of promo but Hayley Atwell has proven that Peggy can hang with the toughest heroes and she deserves the promotion. In the MCU she invented SHIELD that eventually invented the Avengers.

Not enough Carter talk.
Not enough Carter talk.

People will argue that the show needs more superheroes and I say that the lack of is what makes the show so awesome. Right now we are in an MCU that is about to burst with a plethora of super characters and it needs Carter to keep it grounded. If we are constantly bombarded with Superhero's like DC you lose the connection that the viewer relates to. You become part of the people that just go in there to absorb pretty colors and explosions and lose the part that is interested in what pallets are necessary to create the different shades and hues of explosions and how much more in depth can we get with the colors. When you achieve the latter you are able to retain the viewer. The viewer keeps coming back to find something new. You don't want to lose the humanity of the show. More so Atwell and the cast are fantastic at what they do with what they have.

The last thing I'll say is that if you have to cancel the show I hope that Netflix will pick it up and give us a full season or mini series that ties up some loose ends and shows fans how SHIELD come to be. Or maybe Marvel can find a spot for an Agent Carter movie in Phase 4 to give it a proper ending. Leaving the show hanging is a slap in the face to fans who have rallied for an Agent Carter show since she made her first appearance in Captain America in 2011. Please find some way to either keep the show going or give her a proper ending.

If you would like to follow the link below and send ABC feedback! Tell them not to cancel Agent Carter! You can even use this quick message to copy and paste!

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How can you say no to that face?
How can you say no to that face?


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