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Every once in a while, there's a movie that gets raving reviews and a whole lot of buzz, but escapes our line of view. Dope was one of those movies, but by the time I watched it, it was clear I was missing out of something pretty cool.

Dope tells the story of three best friends, Malcom (Shameik Moore), Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons), the so called "geeks" in their high-school, as well as huge fans of the 90's hip-hop scene. After being invited by a local drug dealer to an underground party, things take a turn for worse when they find a large amount of drugs in Malcom's backpack.

Now, they're forced to sell the dope and make up the cash. Quick. So they resort to a deep web website and use bitcoin to create a service of a true 21st Century drug dealer. Amen to that.

Right from the start, you see that these three kids are pretty smart and hard working, leaving behind certain stereotypes. While Dear White People took on those same stereotypes and turned them upside down, Dope gets rid of them entirely and gives us something worth look at another perspective.

Their friendship is also quite intricate to watch, as they also have a pseudo punk band of their own, called Awwreoh. That's right, they have a band that is a word play of your favorite biscuit. And they're not half bad either!

Rejoice, as you witness a refreshing take of the gangsta genre, much like Boyz N Da Hood did in 1991.

An amazing cinematography and direction also contributes to the beauty of Dope, as every really is as "pretty as a picture".

Finally, don't miss a pretty fun cameo of the one and only Pharrell Williams as a club bouncer. Yep.

So all in all, Dope isn't as serious as it might seem, but invites us into an adventure where we are going to learn a thing or two. And even the wildest thing is pretty plausible. Just turn on to your local news station and you'll see I'm right.

If only there were more movies like these...


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