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One of the best parts of going to superhero movies is watching larger-than-life characters show their personalities through combat. Two of the biggest heroes in modern pop culture are Optimus Prime of Transformers and Iron Man of the Avengers. While superhero crossovers are the fad of the moment, it’s unlikely that we will ever see these two separate universes collide. But that’s what we have Bat in the Sun’s Super Power Beat Down for.

Director Aaron Schoenke has been bringing together heroes and villains from all corners of fandom for intense fights to the death for years now. This time he partners with Mighty Raccoon for the first animated episode of Super Power Beat Down and it’s just as epic as ever. Iron Man is pitted against Optimus Prime in a gladiatorial match for the ages. The winner was decided by a remarkably close fan vote. So get ready to geek out. Enjoy.

Who do you think would win? Let us know below!

Source: Bat in the Sun


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