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Looney Tunes are Back in Action! Wait... No... That Was 2003.

The Live-Action film ‘Space Jam’ is returning for a second instalment! The first film saw NBA legend Michael Jordan join Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes and his friends to stop the feisty aliens seeking to enslave them. When the film was released a decade ago, it made $230 million across the world in cinemas. It’s a film that will always stick with 90s kids.

Back in 2014, ‘Deadline’ had reported that Space Jam 2 is in development with LeBron James as the main lead of the film. But in 2014 ESPNS’s Brian Windhorst came along and denied all rumours about the film and laid the rumour to rest. But, the rumour has been revived and has officially been confirmed! The sequel is being developed as we speak and already has a director and a writer ready to go.

Space Jam Basketball Match
Space Jam Basketball Match

It’s reported that the coming sequel is still in the early stages of pre-production. But it is confirmed that LeBron James will be the main lead for the sequel. Justin Lin has stepped up and will be the main director for the production. Justin Lin is well known for directing four of the seven Fast and Furious films. Andrew Dodge is the main screenwriter and could possibly be directing alongside Justin.

So by the looks of things, Space Jam 2 won’t be looking incredibly terrible as some people say the first one is. But a decade on, things have changed. Space Jam 2 is set to triumph the Box Office when it is released, as it’s the first time the Looney Tunes characters have been on the big screen since 2003. The Looney Tunes characters were last in cinemas with their all-time hit film ‘Looney Tunes: Back in Action’.

Little detail has been revealed about the main production itself. So keep your eyes peeled as more is set to be released any time soon.

Space Jam 2 Is To Hit Cinemas In The Coming Years.


Are You Excited To Go And See The Long Awaited Sequel?


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