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I saw Captain America: Civil War over the weekend and it was everything I hoped the movie to be! It was a spectacle of superheroes and packed an emotional punch as well.

Tom Holland's performance as Spidey was amazing, spectacular, sensational, and the ultimate version we've ever seen on film. As soon as he'd walked in his little apartment in Queens -- he won me and the person (who's not a superhero fan) that I was with over with his performance.

Black Panther was everything I'd imagined him to be when I first heard Boseman's announcement as T'Challa. Let's talk about the few problems with this movie and the MCU in general.


I'm an uber-fan and I spend many hours each week reading comics. I'd considered myself more of a superhero fan than a cinema fan. Let say that you missed Avengers: Age of Ultron, but you went to see this movie.

You'd say to yourself that the movie had amazing action and an awesome bromance. But you would feel like you were missing something and that might discouraged you from seeing anymore of these films: for fear of being overwhelmed if you missed previous entries. Or possibly at the fact that you overlooked certain aspects of a movie that you saw once.

Marvel is releasing a hella-lot movies until they reach there climax in Avengers: Infinity War Part II. That's daunting to an average film goer and what happens if they want pick and choose certain movies because they actually strike their fancy? My friend was very confused with everything that was going on and I'd made fun of him at first. Then I'd went home and thought about it.

It's a Captain America movie, I'd better have seen all the other entries previously leading up to Civil War to fully understand it. That's a fair assumption, that's how most people will think that's not a superhero fanatic.

I'm in love with how all these movies connect with another and I think it's a wonderfully constructed shared-universe. I love how certain characters can come in the other heroes' movie and it'd make perfect sense.

The average person that goes to the movies, well, they usually do not visit these websites and they want to be entertained for a couple of hours on the weekend. Is this how superhero movies will go the way of the Western? Alienating the majority of the audience by forcing them to see every movie to understand the movie they really want to see? How can Ant-Man shrink and who's that girl with those weird powers? That's what I was asked and he was entirely displeased that he didn't know who they were.

He didn't understand the severity of what happened to Sokovia and that made Helmut Zemo's motivations seem like any other villain. Instead he should have realized they were about as understandable as they get for a villain.

After watching Captain America: Civil War, I firmly believe that Marvel Studios will entirely reboot their universe after Infinity War Part II. They'll keep certain characters and recast the others. There is just too much history and they'll need a fresh start to continue the amazing Marvel!


I adored this movie and I loved the personal touches that made it even better. Let me ask the obvious question that made the ending a little less awesome: How did Tony not know that The Winter Solider had killed his parents? Also, Tony blackmailed Spider-Man into joining his cause and then brainwashed (yes, it's a strong word) him against Captain America.

RDJ had a powerhouse performance in this movie and he made me root for him at the end of the movie. After seeing what Bucky did to Maria Stark: How could you not root for Iron Man? I didn't want Cap and Iron Man to stop throwing punches at the end, when Widow says something to Tony about his ego -- I felt the same way about Stark. When you see someone kill your mom -- you're going to go for blood.

After the downfall of S.H.I.E.L.D: How did Tony not think that The Winter Soldier was involved in his parents' death, or at least questioned it? He's the smartest person in Marvel's MCU and he should have at least thought about it (I don't care how busy he was - your mom was murdered. His dad was part of all this and it just doesn't add up).

He blackmailed Spidey by saying he was going to tell Aunt May that he was Spider-Man. This was played for comedic effect, but it seems more in line with Tony's comic book counterpart. You can think however you'd like on this matter, but it pissed me off. And Peter Parker is only 15-years-old in this movie. That seems a tad messed up as well.

Why did Tony let his fellow Avengers rot in prison after he was finished with Cap? He wanted to keep them together and yet -- he left them rotting in prison. Cap won the war by being loyal to everyone and do you think he would have left Tony's people in a jail cell (Did I say 'rot' too many times)? Like I said: You can think what you like, but Iron Man lost me after he didn't rescue his fellow team. I don't care that he retired --if he wanted to keep The Avengers together then he shouldn't have signed and put the team ahead of his own guilt.


God, I loved T'Challa in this movie and I can't wait for his solo movie. Zemo's plan was simply convoluted. I didn't mind it, but damn, there were a lot of pieces that had to go right in order for it to work. Why didn't he just release those soldiers?

Yeah, it's a Captain America movie, but that doesn't excuse the bad planning on Zemo's part. Why not make everyone hate The Avengers by unleashing a bloodthirsty army in midst of them fighting? This really is a minor complaint and it didn't hinder any enjoyment from the film.

I loved this movie and this didn't bother me as much as Stark's actions throughout the movie. Black Panther speech at the end was epic and he's already one of the best heroes in Marvel's MCU along with Spidey!

The more I speak with regular fans, the more they're seemingly overwhelmed at the MCU. They're confused at the things that I love the most about it. I'm very curious to see what they do after Infinity War Part II and well, basically, everything else as well! Let me know what you think down in the comments section and thank you for reading!


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