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Sergio M. Gonzalez

As we know, Captain America: Civil War has hit theaters in certain parts of the world and the rest of us, including yours truly, will be waiting in line at our respective theaters Thursday (Friday for some). One aspect that plays a factor in the movie, that we can be certain on, is the focus of the Sokovia Accords in Civil War.

As we've seen in the previous trailers, including the very first Civil War trailer, the Sokovia Accords have been brought up and seem to be the premise of the conflict. Below is a refresher on that first trailer (and just a reminder of what we get to enjoy this week).

As you can see, General Ross vaguely goes over the Sokovia Accords and introduces them to Cap and the team. You may be wondering, "Does this have a point?" Well, the Sokovia Accords were actually introduced months earlier in the most subtle of ways: a post-credits scene in Ant-Man.

In the post-credits scene, we find Bucky trapped in some sort of contraption (a scene also briefly featured in the first trailer above) while Sam and Steve talk things out. Steve brings up calling Tony and Sam, aka Falcon, brings up that tony won't believe them nor does he think "the accords" will let him help. Below is the clip from Ant-Man followed by the quotes.

Sam Wilson: This would've been a lot easier a week ago.
Steve Rogers: If we call Tony...
Sam Wilson: He won't believe us.
Steve Rogers: Even if he did...
Sam Wilson: Who knows if the accords will let him help?
Steve Rogers: We're on our own.
Sam Wilson: Maybe not. I know a guy.

So it looks like the Sokovia Accords were mentioned months before we were formally introduced. So I guess you can say this was one of those Easter Eggs you hear, or find out about, after we've been formally introduced to the subject.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in the U.S. Friday May 6th with early showings starting Thursday May 5th.


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