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90s kids you can rejoice, set your DVRs, or get ready for all-nighters while you three-way call your best friends, because Free Form will be airing some of our favorite Disney Channel shows and movies every week night for the next month. Not sure when your favorite show will be on? Don't worry, we have you covered.

Shows: Monday-Thursday

Lizzie McGuire - 12 am

This was honestly my favorite show back in the day. A lot of the shows were relevant to me as I grew up watching her deal with a mom that she loved but gave her a hard time, just a few really close friends in the midst of the madness of school, and an annoying little brother that she was always arguing with. Lizzie was me in a lot of ways, and it made the show that much more entertaining.

If you guys remember the little fan mail thing they used to do in between commercials as well, you got to see the highlight of my young life. The Aaron Carter fan mail she read (ironic now) was actually from me.

That's So Raven -12:30 am

This show was so much fun back in the day. It was rare to have people of color be the lead of the show, but I don't think anyone but Raven-Symone could have done the character justice. With the wide-eyed look that you know you tried to imitate at least once, she would see bits of her future and try to fix it but usually ended up causing more trouble than helping. It tackled real issues, like body image and racism, and as someone who had trouble with my weight for a long time in my life it was nice to see someone stand up for those type of issues, especially given that Disney has made light of eating disorders in more recent years. The cast was funny and all incredibly talented, and it definitely was a lot of fun to watch

Hannah Montana -1 am

I am not going to lie, this was not one of my favorite shows. I think I was getting to the point where I was too old for some of the show choices that Disney was making, and this show I would usually skip if I saw it on TV. However, I will admit that the singing was good, the friends were hilarious, and Billy Ray and Jackson never failed to make me laugh when I did watch the show. I was always into country music, so if my parents would see it on they would comment on the "Honky Tonk" man. Some of the episodes were genuinely funny, and the albums were catchy, so for that it definitely is worth a second look.

Kim Possible - 1:30 am

With the end of Even Stevens came the beginning of Kim Possible, starring Christy Carlson Romano who played the lead in both shows. This show was so much fun, and proved to young girls that they could be the strong leader and the guy could be the damsel in distress, as Ron was the one who usually was. Even her main bad guy, Drakken, was second fiddle to Shego a lot of the time and had difficulty doing anything without her. Will Friedle lent his voice to Ron Stoppable, and was always making me laugh. It had two TV movies with incredible stories, and the show was a fun watch. I think we all can agree we wish we had some of those gadgets... and many of us have become Wade, always on our computer.

What happens on Fridays? We get to see some of Disney's best Disney Channel original movies!

Twitches - May 6th

Tia and Tamera Mowry star in this movie about twins who were separated at birth after they had defeated the darkness that took over their birth realm. A mystical Sister, Sister type storyline, this is definitely one of Disney's strongest movies. I love the two care takers of the twins, who were just too sweet for words. The costumes were a lot of fun, and the story was pretty solid.

Get a Clue - May 13th

Remember dorky Alfalfa from The Little Rascals? He is all grown up and looking really good in this movie with Lindsay Lohan. It is always kind of an interesting reminder that she was actually a great actress when she was younger, and that Hollywood and her mother kind of pushed her into the train wreck we know her as today. As someone who loved Nancy Drew stories, this caper was fun to watch and actually left me guessing through most of it. The gadgets were interesting, and the story was action packed and actually really adult for a Disney Channel movie.

Stuck in the Suburbs - May 30th

Danielle Panabaker of The Flash fame starred in this Disney movie, along with Taran Killam who went on to star on SNL. This movie was every fan girl's fantasy, getting to have their favorite star's phone, as well as control their life. While most PROBABLY wouldn't be so forgiving, Jordan was actually really cool about it. It was fun to live vicariously through these two girls, especially given how much passion fans can have for their favorite singers or actors. It's a funny movie, and definitely one that you don't want to miss.

As a die hard Disney fan, I am excited to be able to sit down and watch these shows again on TV. Let's hope that this continues on and becomes a regular thing.

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Which show or movie are you most looking forward to seeing? Which one would you like to see in the future! Comment below and let us know!


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