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It's fair to say '[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)' is - for many - the most anticipated comic book movie of the year. While a lot of people have been able to watch the film ahead of its May 6th, 2016 release date in the US, there are just as many more who haven't.

I am in the lucky bunch that got to experience it, and boy, let me tell you, It's become one of my favorite superhero films of all time, right up there with 'Spider-Man (2002)' and 'Superman Returns' (don't kill me!) The film is simply a blast, balancing perfectly character struggle with amazing action.

Now, this article is about one thing: ACTION. If the Russo Brothers have mastered anything in their filmmaking style, is the fight scenes. So it's time I stop rambling and get to the top 5 best brawls in 'Captain America: Civil War'. WARNING: This article is filled to the brim with spoilers.

5. The Avengers vs. The Winter Soldier

While I'm sure a lot of you have seen this scene play out in the clip Marvel released a few weeks ago, watching the fight in context is definitely a much better experience. In it, Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier persona is triggered by a code word muttered by Zemo while the troubled hero is in custody.

As he escapes, he is greeted by some heavy opposition in the form of Iron Man, Black Widow, Sharon Carter and Black Panther himself but the only one that was able to at least scare away the Winter Soldier was T'Challa. The was fight is rough and intense. It successes at giving you the feeling that the heroes (legitimately typed "herpes") are fighting to control an unstoppable force, this is emphasized by the addition of a pretty unhinged mind-controlled Bucky who is willing to do anything (even shooting at Iron Man point blank in the face) to accomplish his mission. He even got into a fistfight with his best pal, Steve Rogers. Check it out for yourselves:


This is a fight we'd been waiting for since 2014, when Brock Rumlow got a building dropped on top of him and left him disfigured. Now, sporting a suit that closely resembles his comic book counterpart, he is out for revenge on Captain America, and more than shows it with the brutal fight he puts up.

Crossbones is shown as a worthy and dangerous adversary for the Avengers, which is why I was a little disappointed when he used himself as a human bomb to kick off the events of the plot... but still, that shot of Wanda containing the explosion and Rumlow's body inside her forcefield was pretty cool.


This fight takes place before Bucky's battle with Team Iron Man. Not only did the scene introduce the feline monarch in the most awesome way possible, but we got a regal and fierce Black Panther, who you buy as a monarch of a great and advanced nation... Plus, his suit deflects bullets.

Before he gave them the middle finger and started throwing catnip... wait... I might be remembering it wrong. You can feel T'Challa's anger as he tries to take down the man, he believes, killed his father.

And let's not forget of that Cap/Black Panther/Bucky chase sequence:


Let me start by saying that while this is regarded by many as the best action scene in comic book-movie history, I personally didn't see it as such. Don't get me wrong, the battle is incredible but it's number 2 in this list for a reason.

Team Cap are trying to flee to find Zemo before he can unleash his army of Winter Soldiers, but Iron Man and his group intercept them. What fascinates me the most of this sequence is how rational Tony was being. He never approached Cap with hostility but was trying to reason with him, which made this battle much more awesome since it happened because of conflicting ideologies.

At this point, both heroes' sides had been shown and as they fight, you ask yourself which one is on the right path and which one isn't, leading you to wonder if they're both, in some way, correct.

Watching Scott Lang turn into Giant Man was amazing and the way he was handled was perfect, the hero makes it clear he is not used to this form, and is proven by his clunky and slow movements to the action around him. Also, who can forget the fist-bumping moment when Black Panther lands in front of Captain America and says "Captain".

I have to be honest though, Spider-Man got on my nerves. He came off to me like BB-8 in 'The Force Awakens', almost breaking the fourth wall to beg people to like them "because they're cute". But that's beside the point: I got to see Spider-Man tie up Giant Man to make him fall like the AT-ST's in 'Empire Strikes Back'... How awesome is that?


This scene comes as a direct result of the airport conflict. Captain America and Bucky arrive at Zemo's location. Unbeknownst to them Iron Man is there too and they manage to make amends.

They search the compound until they find Zemo, who has one last trick up his sleeve: He reveals to Stark one of the Winter Soldier's most prominent hits: Howard and Maria Stark.

Tony watches in horror as Bucky brutally murders his parents. After learning Cap knew this all along, Iron Man goes full-berserk against Bucky. This, in my opinion, is the greatest battle the film has to offer, with not only perfectly choreographed action but awesome character development as well, like the moment where Cap asks Tony to calm down, to which he replies "he killed my mother!" Showing us Stark's strained relationship with his father; the only one he really ever loved was his mother.

Or when Cap apologizes for his actions, telling him Bucky is his friend, with Stark replying: "So was I".

The fight is perfect in every way. It's raw, it feels real. And finally, I got what I wanted all along from a movie about a superhero conflict: Friendship doesn't win at the end. AND, we got a clear winner: Captain America. Just an awesomeincrediblespectacular (not typos) fight scene to end the film.


'Captain America: Civil War' is an amazing comic book film that perfectly balances its action with character growth, making the battles much more enjoyable, a rare specimen in today's world.

But what do YOU think? Have you seen the film? What was your favorite battle?


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