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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Visions of the past, sudden deaths, and that big reveal: The latest episode of Game of Thrones certainly wasn't short of shocking moments. There was so much going on, in fact, that the episode really takes a few watches to fully appreciate. "Home" was packed with plenty of references and callbacks that you might not have noticed first time around. How many did you catch?

1. Bran's Memory

If you thought something felt familiar about Bran's vision, you're certainly not alone — the scene is strikingly similar to the very first one we ever saw on the show.

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven are standing in almost exactly the same spot as Ned and Catelyn were as they looked down on Bran and his brothers way back in Season 1.

2. Lyanna's Skill (And Her Hair)

As young Ned and little Benjen are fighting, who steps in to show them up? Their sister Lyanna, of course! In that very first scene all those seasons ago, Arya was also quick to quash her brothers in a demonstration of quite spectacular skill, strengthening the comparison so often made between aunt and niece.

Staying true to the Stark way, Lyanna's hair is also styled exactly as Sansa's was in the first episode.

3. A Young Rodrik Cassel

It's easy to overlook, but Hodor and Nan aren't the only well-known characters to make an appearance in the flashback. Haven't we seen those mutton chops somewhere before? Too right we have! They belong to none other than Ser Rodrik Cassel, Ned's close alliance and knight at Winterfell, until his untimely beheading (thanks to Theon) in Season 2.

The young'un is even wearing the same belt as his future self! The writers also cleverly ensured that Theon mentioned Rodrik later in the episode when he was listing off his sins to Sansa.

4. Ned's Words Of Encouragement

Like father, like son! Jon uttered exactly the same thing to Olly in the first episode of Season 5, most likely having learned it from his dad while training in Winterfell (back in the good old days — *sob*).

Little did he know, Olly would turn out to be more of a bastard than Jon could ever be, amiright?

5. Justice For Roose

Roose may seem like a pussycat next to Ramsay but we will NEVER forget the events of the Red Wedding.

Hatred of Ramsay aside, this was an incredibly satisfying moment of sweet, sweet revenge.

6. The High Sparrow's True Fear

Okay, so this one isn't a callback per se, but I really wanted to include it on the list. It would appear that the High Sparrow is about to get exactly what he's been praying for.

7. A Sudden Awakening

Those final few moments of the episode call right back to the end scene of Episode 2, Season 1, when Bran awoke from his Lannister-induced slumber. It may have been years since they were last together, but the bond between these two remains etched in my brain. Could we finally have a family reunion on our hands this season?

Finally, I just wanted to include this awesome collage of photos entitled "The Theme of Reversion" from Reddit user MrFameKills. The images show comparisons between Season 1 and the Season 6 premiere, proving that the new episodes are focusing rather heavily on this "theme of reversion."

With Bran's visions becoming an increasingly important feature, I've no doubt there will be plenty more callbacks to come. You can check out the preview for next week's episode below.

Did you spot any other references this season so far?


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