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Last week, we launched the brand new Movie Pilot, complete with a space between 'Movie' and 'Pilot', new look articles and a brand new homepage. However, we're not stopping there. This is a year of big changes for us, as we build new audiences around fan-generated content. We are a media company that supports our Creators not only with tools and resources, writing courses, and revenue share for their articles, but also the opportunity to shape the content of our new destination sites as they have done with Movie Pilot. We've just launched the first two of these new websites.

You may have heard their names, you may even have followed them on Facebook, but now allow us to introduce you to the fully-functioning websites that are: Now Loading and Champions.

Now Loading Launching Monday 9th May Launching Monday 9th May

Now Loading is your go-to destination for the most relevant, fan-centered content around the games we love. The site brings together the biggest fans and experienced gaming journalists to share the stories that bring us together, and the games that tear us apart (with excitement).

What can you expect from Now Loading?

Now Loading is the place to learn about everything from the biggest AAA blockbusters to the most fascinating indie titles that the world needs to know about. And all of the content is written by people like you.

Everyone has a story about games and the awesome communities that connect them. On Now Loading, you’ll find articles and more from experienced games writers and passionate fans. These guys and gals really know their stuff.

What content do we look for?

The fan perspective!
The fan perspective!

We want to highlight the best that gaming communities have to offer; the best there ever was. Just like you, we love reading articles about those killer Minecraft super-builds, the mind-blowing Five Nights at Freddy’s fan theories, the crazy Pokemon trivia, the hidden secrets of Majora’s Mask, the Easter Eggs in the latest World of Warcraft trailer, and the best pro-tips from knowledgeable gaming gurus.

We love checking out insanely detailed cosplay, gorgeous fan art submissions, relatable gifs, hilarious glitches, and awe-inspiring in-game creations. There’s a whole heck of lot of cool stuff happening in gaming! That’s why we want you, passionate purveyors of fine gaming content, to lead us through the vast and ever-expanding gaming universe. We’re a community that loves to nerd out about games and, with your help, we’d like to show everyone why gaming has so very much to offer.

Champions: Launching Monday 9th May Launching Monday 9th May

Champions has your professional fighting needs covered from all sides of the cage. We take you inside the world of combat sports, connecting you to the biggest events, the knockout athletes, and the stories that are shaping the next generation of martial arts champions.

What can you expect from Champions?

Champions is your direct connection to the people behind the fastest-growing sport in the world. From the all-time legends, to up-and-comers on the cusp of greatness, you'll have access to every facet of their fighting careers. Follow their match-ups, learn their techniques, and watch fight history unfold alongside the best combat sports community out there.

We don't just watch martial arts, we live it!

What content do we look for?

Deep dive into the faces behind the knockouts
Deep dive into the faces behind the knockouts

There's a whole world of combat sports out there, and we're all about exploring every piece of it. From the biggest UFC title fights, to Muay Thai smokers in the heart of Thailand and everything in between, we want to talk about it!

Share a crazy piece of MMA news you heard, an awesome KO you just watched, a new submission you discovered that will take the Jiu-Jitsu world by storm; if you're passionate about martial arts, you'll have an audience here. So whether you're a diehard analyst, just a fan of watching some MMA action, or even an aspiring fighter yourself, Champions is the place to share your story.

Want to be a part of it?

We help fans become Creators, and Creators become influencers. Join the largest fan-community on the internet and shape the future of the industry you're passionate about. You never know, you might even get paid to write about what you love. to join today! to join today!

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