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All Friends fans must remember the Season 4 two-part finale, "The One With Ross's Wedding." The episode had it all: Ross and his ill-fated wedding to Emily (thanks to accidentally saying Rachel's name during the vows, oops), amazing cameos from some of the UK's most famous faces (including Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Ferguson and Jennifer Saunders) and course the hilarious scenes of Joey and Chandler bickering their way around London.

Just love the hat, chandler!
Just love the hat, chandler!

The first part of that episode screened way back on May 7th, 1998, so it seems almost fateful that just before the 18th anniversary of the episode, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry (Joey and Chandler) just took a beautiful reunion picture in London!

The snap was taking at the Playhouse Theater in London's West End, where Perry has been acting in his playwriting debut The End of Longing for the past four months. Meanwhile LeBlanc is also working in London, as one of the new presenters for the revamped Top Gear series.

While it seems like Matt LeBlanc might be a little more familiar with London than his Friends character (he probably doesn't jump in quite as many maps), I gotta admit, I kind of hope he's pulls out a Joey-esque "London, Baby!" every now and then. Keeping Joey alive, ya know?

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