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Just last week, Jenna Dewan-Tatum was gifting her dear husband Channing with a horse for his 36th birthday, which he rode around wearing face paint put on by their daughter Evie. The couple shared a few dreamy snaps of their romantic countryside retreat and the world yet again sighed in envy at the celebrity incarnation of the famous hashtag, .

Lip Sync Battle on Spike
Lip Sync Battle on Spike

Now, as if bringing Beyoncé onto a stage in front of your wife didn't already make him the greatest husband ever, the Magic Mike star has shown once again that he's just a fantastic guy to have around: Jenna showed on Snapchat that he was helping her with her pedicure.

'Yes You Guys He Is This Awesome'

Snapchat  @JennaLDewan
Snapchat @JennaLDewan

The dancer posted a picture on Snapchat of her husband removing her nail polish, adding a proud-sounding 'Yes you guys he is this awesome' on top.

Snapchat @JennaLDewan
Snapchat @JennaLDewan

You think this is cute? The second snap will probably have you crying with envy: Channing is blowing on Jenna's toes, surely to make the fresh nail polish dry faster. Is there anywhere we can get a pedicure specialist this good looking, please?

Really, these two have been melting our hearts ever since they met on the set of Step Up in 2006.

Which Hollywood couple would you say are the cutest?

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