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Who could forget the role of young Ben Gates, played by Hunter Gomez in the 2004 Nicholas Cage classic National Treasure? Er, OK so maybe I forgot, but after seeing what young Ben looks like these days (spoilers: not quite as young), I have no doubt you'll be all the more interested in catching up with what Gomez is doing now.

Hunter Gomez was just 12 when National Treasure was released. In the film he played the young version of Nicholas Cage's character, Ben Gates, appearing in the film's opening scene as Gate's grandfather tells him stories about the Knight’s Templar, Free Masons, and a hidden treasure.

But, it's been a long time since Hunter Gomez appeared as would-be treasure hunter Ben Gates, so what is he doing these days? Check it out:

[Credit: Walt Disney Studios & Instagram/huntygomez]
[Credit: Walt Disney Studios & Instagram/huntygomez]

These days Gomez is 25-years-old and still very much in the showbiz industry. Following on from National Treasure in 2004 he made guest appearances in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, A Merry Little Christmas, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

[Credit: Hunter Gomez]
[Credit: Hunter Gomez]

More recently Gomez has appeared in TV series such as Proper Manors and lent his voice to many characters in Family Guy. Not to mention that aside from his on-screen successes, he also graduated from Arizona State University in 2014.

2016 looked to be a busy year for the actor, with films When the Starlight Ends, and Living Among Us, and the film Coach of the Year being shown at film festivals all over the country. Meanwhile this year Gomez will star in both Living Among Us and the upcoming Chris Bouchard version of The Little Mermaid.

We can't wait!

Did you recognize Hunter Gomez all grown up?

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