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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Kayako vs. Sadako is going down in The Ring vs. The Grudge, but there are more horror icon fights we wanna see. Sure, 2003's Freddy vs. Jason may have been a more comedic affair than your standard horror movie, but a horror crossover is always exciting.

Each horror villain is the terrifying king of their own movie, the very scariest thing in their own little universe — until these worlds collide. Suddenly, those evil talents become points in that villain's corner as they take on another big bad of equal stature. Take a look at these imagined horror vs. matches and ask yourself: Who would win?

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Pennywise vs. The Creeper: Nightmare Creatures

An evil clown with other forms and hidden abilities, Pennywise draws his power from the fears of children (not all that hard to come by when you are a horrifying clown). He may crack wise and mess around, but there's no shaking the cold focus of his evil intent.

On the other hand, The Creeper is a mystical entity who harvests the organs of others, and has flight and unknown magical powers in his corner. He is often absent for great periods of time.

Who Would Win (Probably)? Pennywise

Chucky vs. The Leprechaun: Tiny Terrors

Chucky may be the more serious horror villain, but the Leprechaun has mad skills when it comes to killing. He also has a bunch of magical powers that pretty much render him invulnerable to attack. Still, Chucky is smart, and if the blundering bunch of incompetents in the Leprechaun movies can beat him, then Chucky probably can too.

Who Would Win (Probably)? Chucky

Leatherface vs. Michael Myers: Silent But Violent

Hmmm, this is a tricky one. Myers has more sequels and is more terrifying on a purely chilling, evil level, but Leatherface is clearly the strongest and most physically imposing. Obviously a chainsaw is a more deadly weapon than a knife, but Leatherface can be slow and lumbering, whereas Michael mysteriously manages to walk faster than you can run.

Who Would Win (Probably)? Michael Myers

Hannibal vs. Jigsaw: Battle of the Wits

Sure, Jigsaw's traps are very elaborate and involve a great deal of planning, but no mind is a match for Hannibal Lecter's. He's an all-out genius with a sophisticated brand of sadistic enjoyment. Obviously, in a physical fight, John Kramer is weaker due to his illness, but to really enjoy these two sticking it out, we'd have to see a more complicated, more drawn-out and considered scenario.

Who Would Win (Probably)? Hannibal Lecter

Ghostface vs. The Fisherman: Nineties Rumble

Ghostface and The Fisherman are actually both a series of different people, so it's difficult to account for the differing levels of abilities dependent on who is behind the mask. However, based on general ruthlessness, intelligence, physical build, and next-level crazy, my money would be on Ghostface. If Kevin Williamson signed on to write a movie pitting his two horror creations against each other, I would watch it in a second.

Who Would Win (Probably)? Ghostface

Which pair of horror icons would you most like to see fight — and who would win?


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