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Poster for Captain America : Civil War
Poster for Captain America : Civil War

I will just start off by saying that Captain America : Civil War really lived up to its hyped. A fun and awesome movie that just might have the darkest tone in the Marvel cinematic Universe. The addition of new characters and giving some characters an opportunity to showcase their abilities also really made the movie better than it already was.

While the plot of the movie was really great, I personally felt that this movie just served to tie up the loose ends from Captain America : The Winter Soldier. At first, the movie appears to be more of an Avengers movie and one might even think that it was an Avengers if they came in unprepared but as the movie develops, it becomes more obvious that it is a Captain America movie with Cap and Bucky given time to shine towards the end of the movie.

The introduction of Spider-man to this movie is really just to put some comic relief in the dark tone of this movie. Black Panther and Ant-Man are also great addition to the movie with them being awesome additions to the new rosters of Avengers. I dare to say that once you watch the movie, you wont be rooting for or but instead you will be rooting for or .

Overall, a great movie that is really worth to watch. If you are a big marvel fan, you would throughly enjoy this movie and even if you aren't, just go and watch this movie with an open mind and enjoy the movie.

I would rate this movie 8/10

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