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As if looking like one sexy celeb isn't enough, some people are lucky enough to look like a blend of two stunning stars. Which Instagram celebrity love child do you like most?

Zayn Malik & Justin Bieber

And lo' the angels hath come forth and delivered every teenybopper's dream boy to earth on a cloud of peroxide hair and subtle stubble. This husky-eyed hunk really does take the best of both world's from Zayn and Biebs.

Lucy Hale & Kylie Jenner

Kelsey Calemine looks so much like the love child of Lucy Hale and Kylie Jenner that the Pretty Little Liars star thought she was the work of photoshop witchcraft, but her Instagram page proves she's all real.

Harry Styles & Johnny Depp

I'm definitely getting more Harry Styles than Johnny Depp here, but does anyone else see a pinch of Theo James? Whoever he looks like, you can't knock Kane's confidence in his celeb good looks.

Zayn Malik & Liam Payne

The Ziam fandoms dream came true in the form of this ultimate One Direction chameleon.

Cara Delevingne & Kendall Jenner

It's like someone slammed a Kendall wig on Cara's head and I am absolutely loving it!

Zayn Malik & Dylan O’Brien

Can we pleeeeeeeease get a closer look?

Which celebrity blend do you think works the best?

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