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The Internet is an awesome place where everything is possible, and one of the things it offers us is a great selection of artwork - ranging from the hyper-realistic to strange interpretations. Well, what if someone asked you if you like dragons? It's an odd question, but I bet more than 90% of us would immediately say yes. Along with the scaled beasts, most of us are also huge superhero fans (can you see what I'm getting at here?). That's right! Talented artist Lyntonlevelgood has thought of an awesome way to combine dragons and superheroes and villains by creating what each character might look like if they were, in fact, a dragon.

The Hulk Dragon

One of the strongest characters in the history of comics, the Hulk is now one of the strongest dragons too! Hulk really does look like a beast, but how about Dr. Banner? I wonder if this dragon can still turn into a human, or would he be a 'science bro' dragon?


One of our favourite characters (and one of the craziest characters ever) is the merc with a mouth. I would love to see Mr.Pool's reaction to this - I'm guessing he would give him a thumbs up!


The Bat dragon is so mysterious and brings fear to his enemies. The artist did a great job with this one and I'm sure Bruce would be proud of this!

Loki - The Dragon of Mischief

Loki is one of the bad guys but I must say that he looks such a majestic dragon. I mean, I can't stop liking him when he looks like he is destined to rule!

I wonder how Odin would look...

The Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider looks a lot like an awesome Chinese dragon created by CGI, or even something straight out of an anime!

"I am Iron Dragon"

Is that Dragon armor, or is this just his scales? I'm a big fan of Iron Man and I must say this Iron Dragon is perfect. all the way!


This is one of my favorite dragons so far! Just imagine a dragon who is strong and powerful, but can now teleport and reach you anywhere you go!


Storm looks a lot like Thor is he was reimagined as a dragon (i assume), but a female counterpart. She looks like she is the Queen of all dragons, powerful and majestic!


As you would expect, he looks really scary, like a dragon who came from hell to conquer this world and destroy mankind!


Wolverine Dragon is impressive! The claws look so perfect and he has the animal instinct along with an adamantium skeleton! Logan is a kind of animal already, and he would definitely be the most powerful dragon of all - especially with his healing abilities!

So, what did you think of these strange and beautiful versions of beloved superheroes? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to visit Lyntonlevelgood's website for more artwork.


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