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Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Steven Universe! It's currently one of my favorite shows, and I love how it endorses, and features people of different shapes and sizes, sexualities, and ethnicities. Yet, when it comes to the show's central characters- the Crystal Gems they've made some big mistakes. This doesn't make them bad people in fact we've all majorly screwed up at one point. However, some of these blunders are pretty severe and include almost causing a child to die and mentally traumatizing someone.

4. Alienating Greg

The Crystal Gems were devoted and loyal to their leader Rose Quartz. They were in her debt and truly valued her as not only a commander, but also as a friend. However, when Greg entered the scene and began a relationship with her, the gems weren't exactly accepting of him. His relationship with them improved after they got to know each other-however, after Rose gave up her form to bring Steven into the world, it sort of made things awkward. They generally don't like him meddling in gem business and they regard him as being a mess. And while they've recently been more respectful towards him, they are still critical and condescending to a degree.

3. Pearl Almost Kills Steven

When Pearl missed space, Steven tried to cheer her up by building a rocketship. This got the wheels in Pearl's head churning and she created a seemingly durable spaceship out of spare parts. She tricked Steven into going for a test drive and basically abducted him. Greg radio-ed in to ask where they were heading, and Pearl answered that they were going to the nearest star system and they wouldn't be back for fifty years. The space vehicle ended up breaking apart and Steven convinced her to retreat before the spaceship inevitably exploded.

2. Amethyst Turns into Rose

Unbeknownst to fans up till this episode, Greg and Amethyst used to be best buds. Back in the day, they'd hang out and watch a show called Little Butler for days. However, they had a falling out and their friendship became strained. Well, one day when Greg was cleaning out his storage unit, he and Amethyst came upon taped episodes of Little Butler. They watched tape after tape until Greg realized he missed New Year's with his son, but Amethyst urged him to stay and continue watching. This caused an argument and Amethyst blamed Greg for stealing Rose from her. Then and there, she shapeshifted into his dead wife and taunted him before Steven intervened.

1. Pearl Almost Gets Steven Killed...Again

Technically, this was her first time, but the fact she intentionally let him fall made it all the more shocking. Pearl was Rose's second-hand woman and she entrusted her with information that the other gems didn't know about. Apparently, this wasn't entirely true. She wasn't aware of Lion (Rose's "pet")'s existance or his affiliation of Rose. This caused her to have a nervous breakdown and she ran off. Steven chased after her and he failed in his attempt to jump a barrier, and she did nothing to help him. Granted, she wasn't all mentally there, but still...

Despite everything they've done, the most important thing to remember is that they're human. Well, technically they're rocks, but they're still prone to the same faults and weaknesses we are. The fact they're not immune to trial and error proves just how much they're like us. Although, hopefully Pearl will manage to hang out with Steven without endangering his life.


What is the most horrible thing they've done?


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