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6. The team realizes "Ward" is still alive.

While looking through security footage from last week's mission, Coulson stumbles upon this unfortunate soul. The team decides they need to get some more information on Hive's new powers before going after him.


5. Malick confides his vision to Stephanie.

After touching Charles last week, Gideon was rewarded with a vision of his own! His inevitable death. After sharing this with Stephanie, she urges him to tell their "guest" so that he can help them. Gideon explains to Stephanie that he believes their guest is the one who kills him. Stephanie can't believe it and tells her father to remind Hive that the only reason he is back on this planet is because of Gideon.


4. Whitehall explains Hydra's different paths

We see Gideon and his brother as teenagers visiting Whitehall in the rat. Gideon's father has just died and Whitehall wants to educate the brothers on the new Hydra. Whitehall believes that being chosen as the traveler is not an honor, but a blood sacrifice. He tells them to read a book, Paradise Lost to find out the real truth about their archaic rituals.


3. Daisy and Lincoln visit an old friend.

Lincoln remembers he has an old acquaintance who might know something about Hive. This guy James was at Afterlife with Lincoln, but only a few weeks after he got there, he was caught trying to steal terrigen crystals and was banished.

Daisy and Lincoln arrive at James' house, but as they move forward Daisy steps on a landmine. (Yeah, I know! what kind of idiot keeps land mines in their front yard?!) She is able to use her powers to keep the landmine stable while she backs up. James tries to shoot at them but Lincoln zaps him with his powers.

A little while later they are all inside James' house talking, but his attitude stinks and he's definitely not going to help them. So Lincoln decides to make him a deal, James gives them the information he has on Hive and Lincoln will give him what he's always wanted - a terrigen crystal so he can finally become inhuman. Not so surprisingly, that was just the kick in the butt James needed. he's ready to help now. He goes over to the fridge (lol) and pulls out this little ball with ancient carvings all over it. Daisy realizes this is Kree. James hands over this ancient artifact but Lincoln does not give him the crystal. Flying into a rage James starts telling Daisy not to trust Lincoln , and that men like him never never change.


2. Stephanie Malick is sacrificed.

Hive lets Stephanie in on a little secret, her father is not the brave warrior he has been claiming to be. Gideon sacrificed his brother to Hive so that he didn't have to be sacrificed. Little does he know, Hive still has Gideon's' brothers' memories. Hive says this needs to be made right, but he still needs a Malick by his side. We all assume he means Stephanie, but when we least expect it, he kills her.

"Now you understand sacrifice"



Lincoln's dark past is revealed.

While rushing back to the quinjet, Daisy is freaking out trying to get Lincoln to tell her what James was talking about, he mentioned that Lincoln almost killed his girlfriend. Lincoln is a little stingy on the details. So Daisy lays down the law : Either tell her what happened, or whatever they are is over. Lincoln's is ready to talk now of course . Before he lived at afterlife, he had a drinking problem. The more he drank, the angrier he would get. One day he and his girlfriend got in a fight, he got in his car and she got in to try to stop him, and he crashed them into a telephone poll. thats when Gordon took him to afterlife. He apologizes to Daisy for not telling her sooner. He doesn't want anymore secrets.

But Daisy has one for him. She tells him about her vision. She doesn't know when, or where, but someone from the team is going to die.



Oh yeah! During all of this, Giyera manages to take control of the Zephyr so now the Agents are heading towards the new Hydra headquarters!! No big deal!


Thats all for now! Here's the promo for episode 17 if you want to check it out!


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