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Good news horror fans, I had an exclusive look at Holidays this weekend at Texas Frightmare. It was the scheduled secret 8pm screening. The doors blew off the room when the opening credits hit and I can attest, we finally have a new anthology that's not weak in the knees. Several recent offerings haven't lived up to the legacy left by genre favorites like Creepshow, Tales From The Darkside: The Movie or even the more recent and much loved, Trick 'r Treat. Here's a look at a new spine-tingling collection of holiday themed stories from some of the most terrifying tale tellers in the business.

'Holidays' (2016)

Holidays is a 2016 American anthology horror film. It focuses on a collection of subversive short horror stories, each inspired by a different yearly celebration. The segment directors include Kevin Smith, Gary Shore, Matt Johnson, Scott Stewart, Nicholas McCarthy, Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch, Sarah Adina Smith and Anthony Scott Burns. The movie stars Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno), Kevin Smith (Comic Book Men), and Seth Green (Family Guy) along with a deep and strong supporting cast. The film had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 14, 2016. It was then released on video on demand on April 15, 2016, prior to a limited theatrical release on beginning April 22, 2016, by Vertical Entertainment and XYZ Films.

'Valentine's Day': (Directed by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch)

A down-on-her-luck teen named Maxine is constantly tormented by the other members of her high school swim team. When her true love inspires her to stand up for herself, Maxine decides to help him get something he needs too. Valentines Day is actually kinda sweet, it proves that while kids can often be cruel, sometimes they can also have a heart

'St. Patrick's Day': (Directed by Gary Shore)

St. Patrick's Day explores the legend behind the existence of the holiday itself. Did St. Patrick actually drive the snakes out of Ireland, or was that just a metaphor for how the saint dispatched of old world witchcraft and paganism? One confused Irish school teacher with a strange new student is about to find out the horrendous and shocking truth.

'Easter': (Directed by Nicholas McCarthy, starring Ava Acres)

A curious little girl becomes trapped in a hellish scenario that turns the religious conventions of this sometimes convoluted holiday on its bunny ears. Not everyone will appreciate the creativity infused into Easter — it consciously picks at some fairly iconic wounds without blinking an eye. This surreal and dark segment may even come close to offensive for some viewers, but hey now, it's only a movie.

'Mother's Day': (Directed by Sarah Adina Smith, starring Jennifer Lafleur)

A woman who for some reason becomes pregnant every time she has intercourse has reached an emotional breaking point. Willing to do anything to break her curse, she attends a nature retreat where a group of women study alternate forms of fertility enhancement. She soon becomes entangled in the cultish behavior the women exhibit and finds herself struggling to survive her latest pregnancy.

'Father's Day': (Directed by Anthony Scott Burns)

A woman whose father mysteriously disappeared 15 years ago receives a package containing a tape recorder. Inside the recorder is an audio tape with her father's voice on it directing her on how to reach him all these years later. As she moves further along her magical journey a menacing sense of dread begins to fill the screen. A tense, enduring, and truly engrossing segment.

'Halloween': (Directed by Kevin Smith, starring Harley Morenstein, Harley Quinn Smith, Ashley Greene and Liv Roush)

A small-time web cam pimp does some sleazy recruiting before heading home to abuse his current stable of sexy sirens. When the obnoxious and piggish brute finally pushes his luscious ladies a little too far, they decide to push back. Our lacking lothario is forced to make some huge changes after his coven of talent surprises him by deciding to cut him out of the business completely. A fun and terribly painful romp that Kevin Smith fans will definitely remember for a very long time.

'Christmas': (Directed by Scott Stewart, starring Seth Green and Clare Grant)

A boring family man takes no action when his Christmas wishes are dashed. Luckily, fate appears to give the Dad in need a second chance to get a very special gift for his family. Unfortunately, sometimes you get what you wish for and sometimes you even get a little bit of what others are wishing for. As each member of the family explores the new toy, secrets are exposed and it becomes painfully clear that dear old Dad isn't the only one who's been naughty this year.

'New Years Eve': (Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, starring Lorenza Izzo and Andrew Bowen)

A lonely serial killer decides to give internet dating a go. After a few botched attempts at romance, the melancholy maniac finally meets someone very special. Though physically mismatched (Lorenza Izzo is the visually stunning wife of Mr. Eli Roth), the unlikely pair seem to share some sort of a "losers in love" connection. A kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve is all our murderer really wants. Let's hope it doesn't all come to pieces and slip down the drain of lovers' despair.

Check out the trailer!

Overall, Holidays is a lot of fun. Per usual, not every segment is stellar but each is strong enough in it's own vision to make the entire film a success with terror fans everywhere — a great cast, great filmmakers, and a great new anthology with real franchise potential. Holidays is a gift you'll love unwrapping one bloody segment at a time.

That's all for now horror hounds. Hope you enjoy the movie and Don't Forget To Follow Me Here for more great recommendations and horror related articles.

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