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[ Warning: major spoilers ahead! ]

Spider-Man's role in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) was one of the most highly anticipated parts of the film, and with good reason. After years of being cut off from the MCU, the recent deal with Sony finally allowed a new version of Spidey to swing across to the Avengers' universe, opening up infinite story possibilities. Some of us, myself included, were dubious that Civil War was the best entrance for one of Marvel's most popular heroes, and we all wondered how Spider-Man would fit into the story.

As it turns out, Spidey's involvement in Civil War was one of the best things about an amazing film, and the conclusion set up an interesting situation to be explored in [Spider-Man: Homecoming](tag:3874051).

Budding Hero Or Vigilante?

As many of us expected, the Sokovia Accords are in full effect by the end of Civil War, meaning that Team Cap are officially fugitives from the US Government, as they acted independent of the Accords.

There's a lot of talk about what this new legislation means for the Avengers we know and love, but what about other heroes? Daredevil and Jessica Jones are busy kicking butt in Hell's Kitchen - are they now outlaws? And of course there's everyone's favourite webslinger, who's just starting out as a hero.

Vigilantes on the run from the law?
Vigilantes on the run from the law?

With Tony Stark established as a sort of mentor to young Peter Parker, we already know that Iron Man will appear in Homecoming to guide Spider-Man (and definitely hit on Aunt May some more). This is excellent, as the scenes between Tony and Peter were some of the funniest and sweetest in Civil War. But it also suggests that despite Tony signing the Accords, he might just operate outside them in Homecoming.

Spidey's solo film will definitely clear up the issue of whether all Accord-unsanctioned heroes are technically outlaws, and whether Peter can still swing around saving people as a minor. In many ways, it's going to be a follow-up to Civil War, establishing what the status quo of the MCU is after these explosive events.

Team Cap leaps into action in 'Civil War'.
Team Cap leaps into action in 'Civil War'.

This would also be an excellent opportunity to bring the Defenders into the MCU. Although it's unlikely, I'd love to see Spidey clash with Daredevil as they both fight crime on the streets of New York. And of course, this would establish whether the Defenders are outlaws, and whether that means they're being hunted down by cops or government agents.

And of course, a cameo from Cap would not only explore a budding friendship between him and Spidey (already hinted at in Civil War as they realised they're both from New York), it would also set up Infinity War in a nice way. After all, we need to know what's happening with Team Cap now they're fugitives, and whether they've become the Secret Avengers.

Will Cap form the Secret Avengers after Civil War?
Will Cap form the Secret Avengers after Civil War?

Although there are two other films to go before Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spidey's solo movie is a unique situation to establish where the MCU goes from here. While Guardians Of The Galaxy and Doctor Strange are set apart from the world of the Avengers, both literally and figuratively, Homecoming can push forward from the game-changing events of Civil War, revealing the repercussions of the biggest shake-up in MCU history.

Also we'll get to see more from Tom Holland's awesome Spider-Man, in all his irreverent, heroic, dumpster-diving awesomeness. I can't wait.

Who do you want to see cameo in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'?

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