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As you all know, Doctor Strange is coming out in summer and it's already looking to be a fantastic movie. But there are some old asgardian bridges that it must cross. For example, Tilda Swinton playing an asian character. Now say what you want, but it's still a travesty that hollywood wouldn't give asian, and extremely qualified for those roles (shall we say IP Man Actor Donnie Yen for example?)

Here is what the said character looks like in the comics:

Here's who they chose:

Now there are some who seem to be okay with this and a reason, Tilda is a fine actress who could easily play male and female roles. Not a lot of people can do that. So everything's fine and alot of people are cool with it.........except world renowned and respected asian actor and Star Trek fame George Takei. Going to the internet and (rightfully) accusing Marvel of not only not casting a white woman as an asian man, but also hiding behind the skirts of a delicate situation between two countries.

Here are the posts that give way to the argument:

(taken from tumblr)
(taken from tumblr)

Then he goes on to say that this situation was "a red herring" and believe that "white audience wants to see white faces".

(Taken from Tumblr)
(Taken from Tumblr)

Not really an invalid point, considering the Avengers lineup is still whiter than Mitt Romney in a snow storm. It is, though, interesting to hear fanboys criticising DC Comics for being bad at movies and laugh at their casting choices (via Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jesse Eisenberg) yet praises the sparatic changes of race in casting in order for white audiences to feel better. Say what you want about DC but at least they have diversity. And didn't change any origin to suit their political statement.

It's not about keeping true to the source material, it's about not changing the race that suits you AND use poilitcal turmoil to be your shield when it hits the fan. Now a lot of readers would say "they changed Nick Fury black and Perry White black". That's different.

They still are, in their core, the same character. You could cast Jackie Chan as J. Jonah Jamenson but if you keep what makes him unique, then it's perfect. This character is, apparently, of celtic heritage and not in the mystic tibetan arts.

While it is not clear what is really going on in Marvel, one things for certain, they just isolated billions of people in one of if not the most important overseas box office revenue.

And my two cents: How in the hell did they not cast Donnie Yen? The man basically played a master of the impossible all his damn career?


If stuff like this keeps going, will this hurt Marvel in the long run?


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