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According to Variety, Stephenie Meyer, the best-selling author who brought us Twilight and The Host, will be adapting Kendare Blake's young-adult novel Anna Dressed in Blood through her production company Fickle Fish Films.

The movie will be produced by Meyer and Meghan Hibbett, penned by Allison Wood, and directed by Trish Sie (Step Up All In).

Also reported today was the casting announcement for the film, which puts Gotham's Cameron Monaghan in the lead alongside I Saw the Light's Maddie Hasson. Sie sung the praises of the two young actors to Variety following the announcement:

“Finding the right actors has been top priority. It’s critical we achieve just the right tone and identify the magical combination of people that brings crackling electricity to these characters and their story.”

Meyer — who had a hand in selecting the young Twilight actors — also expressed her excitement in the casting and their work on the project:

"“We literally searched the world for over a year to find the perfect actors to bring this genre-spanning story to life. Cameron and Maddie, both so talented individually, together have that rare and extraordinary chemistry that lights up the screen,” said Meyer. “Trish Sie has the perfect background to visually translate Kendare Blake’s compelling story in a way that speaks to the modern viewer."

Anna Dressed in Blood follows Cas Lowood — a young man who hunts maleficent ghosts for a living —on his quest to terminate the dead. After journeying to America, he encounters a vengeful spirit dubbed "Anna Dressed in Blood" by the locals, who kills anyone who enters her home. Instead of slaughtering Cas as she has done all others, she finds reason to spare his life.

Sounds like Stephenie Meyer might have another massive hit on her hands!


Have you read 'Anna Dressed in Blood'?

(Source: Variety, Deadline)


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