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The inspired marketing for Independence Day: Resurgence continued on the movie's Twitter account today, as 20th Century Fox posted a pretty convincing faux mini-documentary about the fictional War of 1996.

Check it out:

This video actually gives us quite a bit of insight into the world suffering the aftermath of Independence Day, including some cool footage of the original movie in the guise of home video, and exactly how the world united as the Earth's population bounced back from a devastating alien invasion. And more importantly, how they're preparing for the next one.

While a lot of the "footage" is really just clips from the film that we've seen in trailers, bringing in Jeff Goldblum in character as David Levinson to talk about his Earth Space Defense program is a nice touch. We also get our first significant look at the personalities of Liam Hemsworth's Jake Morrison and Jessie Usher's Dylan Hiller.

Bill Pullman doesn't make an appearance here, but it's interesting how this report paints his ex-President Whitmore as paranoid and uses that to its fear-mongering advantage:

"It's not a matter of if the aliens return, it's a matter of when."

(Source: Twitter)


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