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We all play the hero and sometimes the villain through our lives. As children, we develop attachments to icons that we would like to be ourselves through our imagination. They teach you right from wrong in a sense, as they bring our values to color on the page or the movie screen. Here will be a hall of heroes and villains in beautiful glass color and light. Will you be standing in front of your hero today? I will be updating this project periodically with new windows every month. Hope you all enjoy!

I'm Batman.....


This young boy is mesmerized by his Dark Night, as the sunlight pours through the panes, he also wishes he can grow up to protect his city.

This We'll Defend

A father and his son stand before, and appreciate their hero in colored light. And remember all the heroes that came before and after him that defend us everyday.

We are Groot

Sometimes the family we have is not the one we are born with. That doesn't make them less of a family. These kids are having fun coloring their favorites on paper.

The Incredible

Being strong is not always about physical strength.

Gone in a Flash

Our childhood is here one day and gone the next...But I believe we don't really get old we just become big kids with responsibilities. So go out and play tomorrow. Tag... your it!

Partners in Crime

Find your best friend....

Send me an Angel

We are all beautiful, in every color.

Oooo Shiney

Your honor, in the end, may be all you have, so make your choices count for something.

Push to Fly

The world is full of complications which can pull you down, you need to push forward to overcome, push to be strong, push...... so you can fly.

I Scream, You Scream....

Be weary of those who wear masks. And remember some masks, are not always made of cloth.

I'm not Touching You....

.....Boys will be boys.

The Cat's Meow

Sometimes you just need to embrace your wild side....


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