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This article contains spoilers from Captain America: Civil War so if you haven't seen it you should leave this article immediately.

Are you still with me?


Than let us start!

In Captain America: Civil War there is a death of one of Captain Americas past friends. The person I'm talking about is

Agent Margaret Peggy Carter. She died peacefully in her sleep and she had an amazing funeral.

But what about the character? What will happen to it?

Well I haven't heard anything from ABC about renewing Agent Carter for a season 3. But on other hand, Hayley Atwell said around the season finale of season two:

ABC has assured me that it would be actually possible, if both shows get picked up, for me to do both. So by saying yes to the pilot of Conviction does not automatically say that that’s it for Peggy and Jarvis at all. It just means that they had a show that they liked me to do and there is a possibility to do both at some point.

So does this mean the end of Peggy Carter? Only the future will tell!


What do you think will happen to Agent Carter?

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