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Are you the kind of person that whenever you watch a movie where one of the characters is doing something they are NOT supposed to be doing, you usually tend to yell at the screen and say "Hey, NO don't do that" or "NO! That's wrong, you're going to die"? If so, then you're exactly like me. But let's face it, if we didn't have characters making stupid choices, half of the time there wouldn't be a movie to begin with right? That's why the next set of brainiacs on this list (at least most of them) didn't make it since they made the WRONG choice and sadly read (or listened to a recording of) a creepy-ass ancient book, and things took a turn for the worse.

The Evil Dead -1981

The Aftermath

The protagonists had to battle demons straight out of hell and lived to tell about it in two other movies and TV shows.

The Mummy - 1999

The Aftermath

After resurrecting a billion-year-old mummy, our heroes fought against it to save the world and found love in the process (take that Bembridge scholars).

From Within - 2008

The Aftermath

After the black book was read, Doppelganger ghosts ran amok, people committed suicide left and right, and a witchy curse devastated a small town. After this long series of tragic events, no one lives happily ever after.

The Cabin in the Woods - 2012

The Aftermath

Our "heroes" unknowingly summon countless nightmarish creatures, only to find out that they're part of some ritualistic sacrifice in order to save the world. So much for an exciting weekend of fun!

Evil Dead - 2013

The Aftermath

Helping a friend through a drug cleansing in an old and isolated, eerie cabin, right after summoning god knows how many demons, might not be such a good idea. Unfortunately, these kids find that out the hard way and it comes back to bite them in the ass.. hard.

So if you EVER find a creepy book, best leave it be because you know how the saying goes: curiosity killed the cat (please don't be the cat).

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