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Captain America: Civil War has already received incredible reviews prior to even opening, but the question remains: Whose team are you on? It's difficult to answer that question without thinking about what each individual team member brings to the table. To choose a team, you need to know what team is the strongest, together and individually.

Here is a breakdown of each team member, focusing on their strengths and pointing out any potential weaknesses they might cause their chosen gang:

Team Captain America

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Captain America: Steve Rogers is invaluable to his team. He thinks with his heart and has the strength to back it. Even without his Vibranium shield, Cap is a super soldier, genetically modified to withstand injury and heal at an accelerated speed. His military combat training, combined with enhanced senses, speed and reflexes, makes Captain America incredibly difficult to beat.

Falcon: Sam Wilson is a loyal friend and ally to Captain America, which doesn't change in Civil War. He has extensive military experience and is a trained pilot, which increases his effectiveness. With his abilities being reliant on his mechanical wings and flying skills, Sam might not be as beneficial to Cap if his bulletproof, winged jetpack malfunctions or becomes damaged.

Winter Soldier: Despite being brainwashed by Hydra, Bucky Barnes has a bond with Steve that is not easily broken. This became apparent when he saved Steve from drowning. With his martial arts training, chemically enhanced strength and abilities, and a bionic arm that is capable of surpassing Captain America's strength, Bucky is valuable to the team and worth fighting for.

Scarlet Witch: Wanda Maximoff has the ability to alter any situation, therefore she is a strong ally for Captain America. The power she possesses as a result of Hydra experimentation allows her to control matter, influence physical energy and mentally transfer objects. Capable of mind control and telepathy, Wanda's powers are matched only by Loki's. Despite her incredible powers, her emotions could be a weakness for the team.

Hawkeye: Clint Barton might look unsubstantial compared to his team members, but his archery skills are unparalleled. In addition to his bow expertise, he is well trained in martial arts and capable of highly complex military tactics.

Ant-Man: Like Tony Stark, Scott Lang's power comes from his suit. The Ant-Man outfit allows Scott to shrink to minuscule size, resulting in incredible strength and amplified momentum due to his increased density. Aside from his physical prowess, Scott is highly intelligent and has tactical skills that can benefit the team immensely.

Sharon Carter: Heavily trained in martial arts during her time with S.H.I.E.L.D., Sharon possesses the ability to fight alongside the rest of the team without holding them back. As an expert spy and marksman, she can also be useful behind the scenes. Being related to Peggy Carter strengthens her loyalty to Steve Rogers and makes her extremely trustworthy.

Team Iron Man:

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Iron Man: Tony Stark possesses a power that is unmatched: His incredible mind. The Iron Man suit transforms Tony into a flying weapon, capable of taking on gods, superhumans, aliens, etc. The durability of the suit also allows Tony to endure heavy impact, devastating falls and otherwise fatal situations. Continuous upgrades have made Iron Man almost indestructible, further weakening his opponents.

War Machine: James Rhodes possesses the same physical capabilities as Tony when he is wearing his suit, but lacks Tony's unique scientific intelligence. Rhodes is a trained Air Force pilot and an expert marksman thanks to his military background. His devotion to country and loyalty to Stark makes him a trusted, valuable ally.

Vision: Vision has a unique set of powers thanks to the Mind Stone — one of the Infinity Stones formerly housed in Loki's scepter — and is made of a combination of Vibranium and organic tissue. As a consequence, he is virtually indestructible. He also has the ability to form blasts of energy, fly, float through solid objects, and obtain superhuman strength. His compassion for the human race makes him an extremely beneficial team member for Stark and the Accords initiative.

Black Widow: Natasha Romanoff has abilities that help her contribute to the team, even though she lacks powers, a suit and measurable gadgets. Her brilliance, interrogation skills, martial arts training, hacking capabilities, marksmanship and multilingualism make her an asset. Though she might be highly skilled, she could be considered a liability, given her tendency to switch sides.

Spider-Man: Peter Parker has the intelligence and superhuman powers to take on almost any opponent. His super strength paired with his increased senses, enhanced agility and overall resilience make him an incredibly tough opponent. His one weakness is his lack of experience; as the youngest superhero, he hasn't had the opportunity to mature and hone his newly aquired powers.

Black Panther: Wearing a special mesh armor made of Vibranium from his home country of Wakanda, T'Challa is bulletproof and has enhanced strength. Combine that with his lifelong martial arts training and animal-like reflexes, and T'Challa is worthy of standing beside any of his team.

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The sides seem to be pretty evenly matched. Good luck choosing a team!


Whose side are you on?


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