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It seems like the cracks are finally starting to show in the DCCU (or the DC Extended Universe; whichever you prefer), but to know how this problem started, we have to take a look at the root: 2013's Man of Steel.

There was so hype surrounding the beginning of DC's cinematic universe. Marvel started their universe years earlier, and while we did Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, we never really had an official DCCU. That is until Zack Snyder gave us Man of Steel and tried to rival Marvel's success with his own blockbuster-filled universe. It did make money, though, and almost split the critics and audiences down the middle according to their reviews. Either you hated it or you loved it. There was no in-between. Personally, I loved it (and continue to love it), and thought it was better than Marvel's Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3.

Fast forward one year later. The rest of the DCCU has now been announced and the hype-train is only gaining more and more traction. Warner Bros. and DC release the full slate of films, and guess who's directing 3 of the biggest titles listed: Zack Snyder.

One of the problems with Snyder's Man of Steel was that it lacked emotion and seemed a bit bland. Then, 2016 finally comes around and contains some of the most-anticipated superhero movies ever: Deadpool, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Doctor Strange. Deadpool was a home-run. Batman v. Superman was quite the opposite. Depending on whom you asked, reactions were split again, but it suffered from more things than before. A cluttered ensemble of heroes, lack of emotion, Batman killing people, and questionable dialogue and plot points were just some of the issues.

Now, possibly because of the reactions and responses from fans and critics, it looks like a few of the DCCU's movies are losing out and feeling the repercussions. Batman v. Superman wasn't a failure by any means, and audiences seemed to be losing faith in DC's universe; but now, it seems that even the directors are losing faith. With Seth Grahame-Smith leaving The Flash because of 'creative differences' and Aquaman's James Wan rumored to be leaving as well. These movies are making tons of money and are attractive jobs, so one can only ask: "Guys, what's going on over there?"

Of course, there are still glimmers of hope. Suicide Squad looks to be much better than Batman v. Superman and Man of Steel, and if Ben Affleck's performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman means anything, then we will be in for a treat in his solo Batman film.

What do you think will happen to the DCCU? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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