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Can we all agree that Sherlock is one of the greatest crime dramas we've ever seen? Benedict Cumberbatch is just the coolest guy ever. There is one problem with Sherlock though. I'm sure you agree that IT TAKES FOREVER TO MAKE NEW EPISODES!!! New episodes of Sherlock are few and far between. Now, a long break provides the creators time to make a quality product, and I would never wish for Sherlock to become a lower quality show! So instead, maybe we can all wish for more famous novel detectives to be brought into the modern world. Here are my 3 choices of literary detectives that need to receive the modern treatment:

Hercule Poirot

All of Agatha Christie's Poirot mysteries were adapted for Masterpiece starting back in the '80s and finally coming to an end in 2013. Agatha Christie's: Poirot is one of my all-time favorite shows (being a crime drama junkie and all). It's worst and possibly only flaw, though, is its dated feel. Seasons 9-13 are perfect adaptations of Agatha's later novels, not to mention perfect cinematic experiences due to their masterful and careful story telling. Seasons 1-8, on the other hand, are very dated. All of the music and acting is very indicative of the 1980s and makes it feel kind of cheesy.

Poirot, in my opinion, would be a perfect candidate for his adventures to be brought into our modern society. I'd love to see English Lords and Ladies of the 1940s replaced with today's high society wealthy people. It would also be interesting to see how modern society deals with Poirot being foreign, compared to his treatment in the forties.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew was the original female crime-fighting role model for girls. She's strong and assertive and isn't afraid to poke her nose where it doesn't belong. Long before there was Scooby-Doo, Nancy Drew was the go-to literary character for children's mysteries.

A Nancy Drew movie was made back in 2007 to minimal success, which I think signifies that she would do better on TV with a focus on adheering to the books as opposed to pleasing young audiences. A modern Nancy Drew series for all ages would make perfect family entertainment and give a classic female character the attention she deserves.

Miss Marple

When Agatha Christie, the queen of murder mysteries, came up with the idea to write about an elderly female detective, she couldn't have possibly known how well her creation would be received. Masterpiece Theater has done multiple iterations of the classic sleuth over the years. Miss Marple is one of the most well-known fictional detectives in history!

It's been years since shows like The Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote came on every week- but older people are a main part of our society! It would be fascinating to see what Miss Marple would be like in the modern world. How would people treat her in today's society that lacks respect? People never saw her as a threat way back when. Would that be the same today?

Ok, I'm now extremely interested in seeing these properties! I love seeing classic literary works brought into the modern age. Sherlock proves that I'm not alone! There's a massive amount of material for PBS and Masterpiece to use, not only to give new life to classic works, but to bring a new audience to something that was beloved by the people of its time!

What classic detective novels do you want to see 'modern-ized'? Tell me in the comments!


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