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Captain America: Civil War is a fantastic film, further fueling Marvel's immaculate track record. Seeing Cap go up against Iron Man, Spider-Man fighting alongside the Avengers, Bucky getting well-deserved screen time, and dozens of other exciting moments makes for a cohesive, explosive and fun movie.

However, since Iron Man kicked off the MCU eight years ago, one thing has always bothered me: The Avengers MURDER people. This film addresses the collateral damage from all of the previous films in the MCU, and we understand that the Avengers do their best to keep the casualty count low, but what about the dozens of other people they downright kill? Now, these people may be so-called villains or goons but is killing them really necessary? Many people have gripes about heroes killing villains in the DC Extended Universe, but for some reason they don't seem to mind when MCU heroes kill their villains. I understand these universes are vastly different, but isn't the archetype of a comic book hero pretty clear? Heroes don't kill unless necessary and will do their best to bring the criminals to justice. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be big concern within the MCU.

Personally, I don't really mind when Black Widow breaks people's necks, Falcon shoots someone, Iron Man missiles a guy in the face or Cap slams his shield into someone's chest. But is it really acceptable for these heroes to be killing? With the MCU focusing so heavily on consequences and casualties, why does there seem to be a blind spot when it comes to goons and villains?

In Civil War we are introduced to the super prison called the Raft. It is supposed to be home to the most heinous villains and criminals, yet we don't see a single goon or villain in the prison. Thanks to Marvel killing off its Big Bads and casually murdering henchmen, the Raft loses most of its mystique due to its lack of actual bad guys being held on it.

While Marvel has been murdering villains since Iron Man, Civil War seems to go back and forth on whether it's OK to kill people. For a film that focuses so heavily on consequences, the constantly changing lethality was a bit jarring. For instance there is a sequence where the Winter Soldier says, "I'm not going to kill anyone." Then in the same sequence just seconds later, he attempts to kill a guy by throwing him down a stairwell.

Luckily, Cap catches the person before he hits the ground, but he is equally annoyed with the Winter Soldier as I was in this very moment. Unfortunately, just a few seconds later, Cap almost throws two people down the same stairwell and punches a guy in the face so hard he flies across the hallways and through a door. For someone seemingly worried about killing, he seems to have little mercy when it comes to lethal blows.

With all of this said, Civil War does correct a major mistake in almost all of the previous MCU films:

The villain lives.

Regardless of all the killing that happens in Civil War I am very happy to see an MCU villain, other than Loki, survive a film. Hopefully this insinuates further plans for the villain in the future.

Despite this issue I have with Civil War and the MCU as a whole, Civil War was nothing short of epic with both its scale and action. There are very heartfelt and emotional moments throughout the film that help cement it as one of the best Marvel Studios films to date. Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know where you stand on Marvel's use of lethal force. Also, feel free to let me know just how much you loved Civil War in the comments below!


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