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Hey everybody, StryderHD here, back after working a long agonizing Long Island marathon and like I used to do this post will be a weekly fan trailer round-up, but since I haven't posted in awhile and have been working my other job for the county I work in I thought I'd give everyone a jam-packed posted of fan trailer goodness.

1. Captain America: Civil War SUPERCUT

This one I had to put first because it was a long project that I was going to originally put up a couple of weeks ago but with all of the new TV Spots and footage that has come out recently I thought it'd be a good idea to wait and release it a little bit closer to release. So here we have it.

2. Captain America VS The Punisher: Ultimate Trailer

This was actually two of my fan trailers, one of which was basically a prequel story trailer that introduced why Captain America and The Punisher were going to be at bad terms, and the second trailer follow-up would be the battle and some more story. Well I released them a month or two ago and this is the trailers combined for one "ULTIMATE" trailer, just in case anyone missed it.

3. Hulk VS Wolverine Fan Trailer

This is another trailer that I had worked on in the past, fixed up a few things here and there and re-released it back on my YouTube channel. I had posted this trailer in its original state on MoviePilot as a feature and it went nuts! I remember that back about a year ago. Enjoy it once again, fixed up right here.

4. Batman v. Batman: Dawn of the Dark Knight

This one was created a couple of weeks ago but has been reacted to by some of the bigger YouTube reactor celebrities; Akasan and Anthony Knight, so I thought, if you guys missed it here it is to enjoy.

I hope everyone enjoys them and my social media information will be listed below, MoviePilot is a great spot for all your movie information, updated articles and follow-up articles, and also some pretty cool fan creations!

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