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Who knew skiing could look so much more awesome when you add swords and axes? Set in Norway during 1206 AD, 'The Last King' is a historic, real life tale of two men who are tasked with secretly protecting the illegitimate son of the King, Håkon Håkonsson. Take a look at the trailer below:

In real life, Håkonsso later became King Haakon and eventually ended the turmoil and civil war that raged across Norway. Sure beats all those ski movies from the 80's, right?.

The movie looks great and the narrator adds a bit of cheese to the tone. The addition of medieval weaponry is always a plus in my book though, especially as this will be appealing to the Game of Thrones fandom. Why, you ask? Well, Kristofer Hivju, who plays Tormund Giantsbane on 'Game of Thrones', is a key member of the cast and will show us his skills with an axe in this movie! Add Tormund to any medieval movie and you have a recipe for a good movie!

'The Last King' is directed by Norwegian filmmaker, Nils Gaup. The movie also stars Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Jakob Oftebro, and Thorbjørn Harr. The film is being released by Magnolia Films on June 17, 2016 in theaters and VOD.

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